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Do you prefer bibimbap hot or cold?

I ordered bibimbap the other day to see if I liked it enough to buy my own dolsot. I was instead presented with what looked to me like a cold deconstructed salad with a raw egg and raw strips of meat. This confused me at first but a web search revealed to me that bibimbap can be served cold or hot. I mixed it all up along with some sauce but couldn't bring myself to eat more than a few bites and instead had the chap chae and bulgogi along with some other bbq i dont remember the name of. They were all delicious but it was the bibimbap I looked forward to most as my introduction to korean food. Hopefully my experience with hot dolsot bibimbap will be better.

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  1. Hot with crispy rice! The mixed leftovers (if there are any) are delicious at room temperature a few hours later.

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      Who the hell has bibimbap left over??

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        agreed! hot crispy rice is the best part!

        1. I have never seen the raw dish called Bibimbap (비빔밥) i tis always fish listed as Hoedeopbap (회덮밥) or a close variation depending on the fish used.
          There is a raw Beef Salad called Yook Hwe (육회) which is often served with a raw egg and Greens, Vegetables and or Fruit in the mix.
          I think cold Bibimbap is made with cooked meat,but perhaps Hannaone can chime in with more definitive knowledge.

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            In Jeonju I had one cold and one hot bibimbap. The cold was served with raw beef and a raw egg. The hot with cooked beef and a raw egg.

            In this case I preferred the cold, but it would depend on the place. Here is the cold bibimbap:

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              I got curious about what you said about getting bibimbap in Jeonju and I did some googling...it appears that Jinju is known for yook hwe and Jinju bibimbap is typically made with raw beef (http://zaf.mofat.go.kr/webmodule/htsb...? typeID=16&boardid=10538&seqno=639564&c=TITLE&t=&pagenum=1&tableName=TYPE_ENGLEGATIO&pc=&dc=&wc=&lu=&vu=&iu=&du=).

              But then it says Jeonju also uses raw beef in their BBB and is considered the most famous...interesting!

              I'm finding this fascinating because I was born and bred in Korea and had my fair share of Bibimbap but I've never had a yook hwe version. I need to get my hands on this!

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                Joonjoon -

                If you find one any where in the area (NJ or NY) please let us know. Yook hwe bibimbap sounds like something we would love, especially The Sprout.


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                  Oo Kook, more of an AYCE Korean BBQ chain than anything else, does a pretty good rendition of Yuk-Hwe bibimbap, it's like the Korean version of beef carpaccio.

                  There's one in Brooklyn.


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                    Thanks. We may have to take a ride.

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                      That is one funky web site....

                      Isn't yuk-hwe more like korean beef tartare than carpaccio?

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                        Yes, that's probably a more apt analogy.

            2. No restaurants near us serve it, so my experience with Bibimbap is limited to Trader Joe's version. I prefer it warm, not cold, and wish TJ's made their bowl a little bigger!

              1. It sounds like you were served yook-hwe bibim bap. Yook hwe (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yukhoe) is a Korean raw beef dish.

                The standard cold bibimbap has the same ingredients as a hot bibimbap, and looks something like this: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-WFAxMgUTHy8...

                As for personal preference, I'm a cold bibimbap guy. But I do enjoy the occasional hot bibimbap when they do something different with it - like a spicy pork version or a bulgogi and cheese.

                What exactly didn't you like about the bibimbap you were served? I love yook hwe any way I can get it. :d

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                  Yes, it was a yukhoe version. Probably the most common version in Jeonju.


                  I think any Korean restaurant which serves both BBB and yuk hoe could make you this version. After all, BBB is assembled more than it is 'cooked.'

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                    This is exactly what I ordered. I guess I came in with certain expectations, that my bibimbap would be served a certain way. The taste was okay but I walked blindly into this restaurant out of curiosity so its likely I just didn't like the way they made it. I may give it a chance at another restaurant though my but honestly, it just tasted like a bad salad with raw meat and egg in it.

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                      I was served a bibimbap the other day with the rice on the side. It is an assembled dish, and there are as many versions as there are people that make it.

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                        Sorry for asking a silly question Hennifer...but did you use the chili sauce to mix your BBB?

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                          I was pretty confused about how to eat it so my waiter pretty much mixed it up for me along with my rice. He asked me how spicy I wanted it and I just said mild. I think I would have liked it a little better had I been given more rice. They were quite skimpy with that.

                    2. Hot

                      <bibimbap can be served cold or hot.>


                      1. I've never had this raw version, but I'd love to try it! so interesting!

                        I like both hot and cold, and really the only time I have a preference is if I'm looking for something to warm me up or cool me down.

                        although I must say that the hot beef or spicy pork tends to make me happier, now that I think of it...

                        1. In my experience, it's pretty rare to get something actually billed "bibim bahp" in which the rice isn't hot, and I'm surprised you ended up getting a cold dish. Even when you have cold components, the rice is usually hot enough that when everything's mixed together, you'd have something warm or lukewarm.

                          But to answer your question, HOT. :)

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                            I actually received the rice on the side and it was quite hot. Unfortunately, it was also quite inadequate which is probably why it was still pretty cold. Im starting to feel that i was really just the victim of a poorly made bibimbap.

                              1. re: JenniferLopez

                                Sounds to me like you got a very standard BBB. Was it similar to this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KCWzR...

                                It's ok to not like it! Try more sauce next time.

                                1. re: joonjoon

                                  It looked nothing like that at all. :(

                                  Thats looks delicious btw. After mine was mixed it looked like a garbage bin.

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                                  As joonjoon said, it sounds like you had an ordinary _hot_ bibimbap. Maybe it's just not a dish for you. But definitely try a dolsotbap next time, and maybe without the yukhoe.

                                  But even if you love that version, I would hesitate to buy dolsot for home use (or more like "home storage and never ever use"…)

                              2. I have never had bibimbap. :( I feel very uncool right now and promptly added it to this year's list of food to try. (Yes, I keep a list of at least 5 things every year that I haven't had to try.)