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Jun 9, 2013 05:49 PM

Texas Peaches now at HEB

A big day for me. Love it when the Texas peaches arrive at HEB. So tonight, having some with my Blue Bell ice cream.

Makes me durn proud to be a Texan.

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  1. Which one are you referring to ?

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    1. re: rexster314

      I've found them at several HEBs. I guess they're in most, if not all, of the HEBs across the state.

        1. re: DoobieWah

          They're absolutely wonderful, as always. My very favorite peaches in the whole world. Sweet, juicy. Perfect.

          I used to always plan several trips over to peach country about this time every year. Bought bags full, some to eat right away, of course, but then several bushels to peel and freeze.

          So happy that HEB sells them.

    2. I bought a bunch and freeze them. Probably gonna smoothie-ize 'em. Peaches are my favorite, so I'm probably gonna buy more later and squirrel them away in the freezer again.

      1. HEB does not make me proud. Sunday afternoon, at the Atascocita store, they had a big sign for "Primo Picks" with flowery language about Texas Peaches on a big display right when you walked in the door. In the crates above this big sign were hard, green, CA peaches. Blatant false advertising to those who don't pay close attention. Bad HEB!