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Jun 9, 2013 05:01 PM

Fogo de Chao Coming to Gaslamp/Downtown

Was walking past the vacant building that used to be the downtown Barnes & Noble bookstore on G Street and decided to read some of the postings to see if I could get an idea of what might take its place....sure enough, I came across a posting for a Fogo de Chao Brazilian restaurant....hope so, though it's not exactly the type of restaurant (all you can eat) I envision going to on a weekly or even monthly basis.

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  1. I've been to a few of them over the years, I find their meats to be very salty. IMO, the best part is the salad bar, with lots of interesting options beyond greenery!.

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      agree about the saltiness....quality is pretty good though, as is the case at Rodizio Grill. When I am in the fix for Brazilian food, however, I will be far more likely to visit Brazil by the Bay--different style of Brazilian cuisine....this place might take a bunch of business away from Rei do Gado (not that crazy about the food there), though there was another churrascaria that opened up on the top level of Horton Plaza a few years back that did not last that long.

    2. Wait, isn't Fogo de Chao already in the Gaslamp? I recall eating at a Brazilian steakhouse on 4th several years ago.

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      1. re: jmtreg are thinking of Rei do Gado.

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            Assuming it is the same as Beverly Hills, the difference would be like comparing Cowboy Star to Donovan's

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              Yes....I do like Fogo de Chao and I'm not crazy about Rei do Gado. They serve the same type of food: I prefer the flavor of Fogo de Chao. Fogo de Chao is also a chain whereas Rei fo Gado is not--this runs counter to what I normally prefer other than the fact I don't find Rei do Gado to be that great.....and I've eaten at many churrascaria's in the States and in Brasil.

        1. We've had several Brazilian steakhouses around throughout the years -- what was the one in Del Mar? Wasn't that a Fogo de Chao?

          1. Fogo de Chao, at least the ones I've been to, are pretty good and yes, better than Rei do Gado, but about 20% more expensive as I recall.

            I am pretty sure this is Fogo's first venture into SD County.

            1. We are having a squad dinner here as I write this...

              Phenomenol!!!!! More later

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                so it's open?...great--keep us posted and let us know your opinion. Enjoy.