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Restaurant Guo Cui [Cupertino]

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Just tried this place out and am in love. Clean and modern interior - they do one thing only - claypots - and they do it well. They have soup and dry claypots. We only tried the soup ones. They had a house-made cucumber juice that everybody was getting (except us).

You can choose between the type of soup, type of meat, and whether you get hand-pulled noodles, tea-flavored rice, or rice vermicelli. We both got the traditional broth - one with noodles and beef cubes, another with rice and sliced beef. Both excellent - the noodles had the chewiness you expect from hand-pulled noodles.

I was impressed with the noodle to meat / vegetable ratio. Pictures on Yelp showed mostly noodles, so I had been worried prior to dining. Turns out they just stick most of the vegetables on the bottom.

Everything tastes really healthy and fresh - clean flavors without too much sodium.

Would love to hear what others think about it!

10619 S De Anza Blvd
Cupertino, CA 95014

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  1. Looking forward to trying it!

    Closed Mondays.



    1. Agree with the nice ambience and quality of the hand pulled noodles.

      The soup broth lacked depth and was rather salty. Dry claypot was a better option. Flavors were rather subdued from what I was hoping

      No cucumber juice was served, just water or hot tea.

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      1. re: rasgueado

        The cucumber juice isn't free - you have to order it (unless they've removed it from the menu).

        Out of curiosity, what soup base did you get?

      2. Went again - took a few pictures. The food's still good but I think they've started adding a little more oil, perhaps to accommodate popular taste.

        Sadly, it was a Friday night and the place was maybe 33% full... hope this place can hang in there!

        I was pretty happy with the meatballs - I was worried they'd be the rubbery kind you find at Little Sheep, but they turned out to be satisfyingly meaty.