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Restaurant Guo Cui [Cupertino]

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Just tried this place out and am in love. Clean and modern interior - they do one thing only - claypots - and they do it well. They have soup and dry claypots. We only tried the soup ones. They had a house-made cucumber juice that everybody was getting (except us).

You can choose between the type of soup, type of meat, and whether you get hand-pulled noodles, tea-flavored rice, or rice vermicelli. We both got the traditional broth - one with noodles and beef cubes, another with rice and sliced beef. Both excellent - the noodles had the chewiness you expect from hand-pulled noodles.

I was impressed with the noodle to meat / vegetable ratio. Pictures on Yelp showed mostly noodles, so I had been worried prior to dining. Turns out they just stick most of the vegetables on the bottom.

Everything tastes really healthy and fresh - clean flavors without too much sodium.

Would love to hear what others think about it!

10619 S De Anza Blvd
Cupertino, CA 95014

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    1. Agree with the nice ambience and quality of the hand pulled noodles.

      The soup broth lacked depth and was rather salty. Dry claypot was a better option. Flavors were rather subdued from what I was hoping

      No cucumber juice was served, just water or hot tea.

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        The cucumber juice isn't free - you have to order it (unless they've removed it from the menu).

        Out of curiosity, what soup base did you get?

      2. Went again - took a few pictures. The food's still good but I think they've started adding a little more oil, perhaps to accommodate popular taste.

        Sadly, it was a Friday night and the place was maybe 33% full... hope this place can hang in there!

        I was pretty happy with the meatballs - I was worried they'd be the rubbery kind you find at Little Sheep, but they turned out to be satisfyingly meaty.