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Jun 9, 2013 04:01 PM

Italian Day on the Drive?

any highlights?

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  1. Clouds of choking smoke from charring meat is all I remember from last time-that and the skanks.

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      1. re: Sam Salmon

        The Portuguese and the Italians seemed to be having a smoke-off this year. I have never seen it so smoky.

      2. Via Tevere has a new saltimbocca truck (actually their old Ragazzi truck that sold pizza). Great sandwiches made with woodfire flatbread.

        1. Italian Day has become a victim of it's own success. The crowds were so large it was difficult to move along the street. Many of the vendors were sold out early (including Saltimbocca and PazzaRella) and there were huge lineups at many of the other remaining vendors. Also, it was pretty hard to find a place to sit to eat your food. I decided to skip the Italian fare and pop into La Mezcaleria instead. While they were very busy, they still managed to seat me within a few minutes. Enjoyed some excellent tacos - the De Cachete and the Carnitas, while I found the El Pastor meat to be kind of oily. Service was stellar. Definitely worth a return visit.
          I'll be back to the Drive on another day, looking a good Italian sausage. Falconnetti's is pretty good, but at $12 a pop, I think their prices are getting a little steep. Any other recommendations?

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          1. re: Scoffier

            I tried Falconnetti's once and had a pretty bad experience. Dry, hard, stale bun and a sausage that was the opposite of juicy. I'm looking forward to Bestie opening up in Chinatown and see what they can do in the sausage arts.

            1. re: flowbee

              Back when Falconnetti's first opened and all they served was sausages, they put out a consistently great product (and at less than half their current price). Since they have become a bar, they seem to have lost that focus on consistency. While many of my most recent sausages there have been ok, the last one I had (a chaurice), was so hot that it almost blew my head off. I wonder if that was a tactic to sell more beer? LOL.
              I too am looking forward to trying out Bestie, I understand that one of their features will be currywurst. I'd like to see how it stacks up against my current favourite at Eli's Serious Sausage (food cart). Eli produces his own currywurst sauce and uses Bratwurst from D Original sausages.

            2. re: Scoffier

              Agreed that it may be too crowded now. But pro-tip from a Drive native: come early...11 or 11:30 before the official noon opening. Many vendors are ready to go and sell you stuff at that time. Between 1pm and 5pm, it becomes pure insanity. That's when you duck into the neighbourhood to catch a couple of performances at In the House Festival. You can come back after the shows when the crowds would have abated.