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Jun 9, 2013 02:45 PM

Seafood restaurants in LA and environs

Hello! My in-laws are coming into town from Kentucky next week. They would like to eat at "a good seafood restaurant" and I'm looking for some recommendations. Let me give you a little criteria (and this is why I don't know where to go!):
-- no sushi (but raw oysters are well-loved)
-- not Providence (too weird for Dad) or Watergrill (I've heard more than a couple people say they leave "hungry" with a huge bill. Is there any truth in that?), but it's totally OK if it's an expensive place.
-- not Malibu Seafood or Reel Inn (already been)
-- not at the market near the Port o'Call (already going)

I did see CharlesKochel's helpful post that was added to earlier today. Helpful, but I'm looking something in a wider geographical spread!

I really appreciate any input! Thank you so much.

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  1. Two new seafood restaurants have opened in the last month with great reviews Fishing With Dynamite in Manhattan Beach

    and Connie & Ted's in West Hollywood. Both are a tribute of the fish shacks of the East Coast.

    for wonderful seafood small plates try Son of A Gun on 3rd Street in West Hollywood (the chefs from Animal).

    & Water Grill Downtown (also a second location opening in Santa Monica later this summer).

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      1. re: Thor123

        I think if Providence is "too weird" than so would SoaG.

      2. I think they would be happy at The Hungry Cat. Monday night in Santa Monica, all of the oysters are half price. Their oysters are always outstanding. On Monday nights, we are happy eating 2 dozen oysters and splitting a salad. (for 2).

        1. How about fish tacos at Tacos Punta Cabras?

          Or better yet, The Lobster. Decent aquatic treats, lots of eye candy for folks that don't get to sea the Pacific everyday.

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          1. re: ipsedixit

            Or, in the same environs, Blue Plate Oysterette...

          2. I've been going toEnterprise Fish Co. In Santa Monica. Very reliable shell fish, lobster, oysters etc and for good fresh grilled fish. Good bread and sides with decent service. Very casual and fairly priced.

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            1. re: Baron

              Second that rec: delicious food, good size portions and fine service. Chowpup's favorite.