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Jun 9, 2013 01:38 PM

Rhone Rangers sunday June 23 event

Tasting from 3-6pm at Vibiana, downtown LA.

While hardly comparable to the recent champagne tasting at Wally's, this tasting might be an interesting way to acquaint yourself with the California Rhone scene, and, who knows, maybe even meet a CH poster or two.

anyone planning on attending?

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  1. It reminds me of Kim Jong Il in "Team America", lamenting that he's "So rhonery"...

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    1. If Randall Graham is there, it's going to be an entertaining event. As I recall, it was Randall who coined the phrase "Rhone Rangers". I would love to be there, but my meds preclude drinking alchohol. Looks like an excellent winery line up. Have a great time and don't forget to spit.

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      1. re: cujo

        Spit - that's why they invented subways!
        and, yes, I am sure Randall will be there.
        A truly one-of-a-kind, in a good way.
        And you DO need to get off those meds sooner than later, as wine is waaaaay more valuable!