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Jun 9, 2013 01:05 PM

Rotisserie Chicken

Is a summer staple of mine. Makes for quick and easy meals without heating up the house or grill.

I'm a Seward-coop shopper and I typically buy it there. It's organic and $10. But it has a weird seasoning and they often don't have them left when I shop. Circumstances brought me to Kowalski's last week and theirs was so much better that now I'm curious what else I'm missing. Who has the best in town?

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  1. I really like Kowalski's. You could shell out the cash for one from Brasa, of course, but for grocery store, Kowalski's is my winner.

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    1. re: gildeddawn

      If I knew I could park at Brasa every time I wanted to, I would ...

    2. I love the chicken from Mississippi Market.

      1. Byerly's/Lund's have $5 Buck Cluck every Friday. $4.99 for a better than average chicken. 5+ different flavorings. We do it every few weeks, leftovers are great for chix salad.

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        1. re: hody_007

          Along with this good deal, Whole Foods has a Tuesday Sale on Rotisseries. Bones for broth!

        2. Used to be an awesome one at the Cottagewood General store in deephaven--the sauce that went with it was equally amazing!

          I understand the gentleman who made them is no longer there, though.

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            Yes, I believe he had a shop near Lake and Chicago. Before that he made the chicken in a NY pizza joint on Lake near Hennepin. Folks on this board raved about this chicken. I thought it was wonderful.

            It was Peruvian, I believe. I wonder where this fellow is now. I wonder if we can track him down. I wonder if we can find some of those old posts.