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Jun 9, 2013 11:05 AM

New in Santa Fe?

Heading to Santa Fe and need to know any new "must not miss" restaurants. I read about Bouche Bistro and intend to try that, if I can get
a reservation. Are there others I should try? Will be there for 3 dinners and two lunches. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I'd check out Taberna, sister restaurant to the excellent La Boca. Fun little modern space, with a great patio, and most important, really terrific chow.

    How long since you were last here? If you haven't been to Shibumi yet, it's pretty outstanding, possibly getting my vote for single best eatery in town.

    Nostrani's new French incarnation, Vivre, hasn't totally wowed me yet at the level that Nostrani consistently did, but given that the chef is the same, seems like only a matter of time before it clicks. I haven't been in a while, I should get back and check it out again.

    I finally made it to Bouche recently and liked, didn't love it. Everything was nicely done straight-up French bistro fare, which is nice to have in town, but if you can get something comparable where you live I wouldn't go out of my way for it while visiting Santa Fe. On the plus side, they have a fantastic patio and a reasonably priced wine list. Vivre is trying a lot harder to be innovative; Bouche seems to be coloring inside the lines, but doing a nice job with execution.

    Are you interested in midscale stuff? There are some delicious things going on outside of downtown, but it's decidedly lower frills.

    1. Finiero, we're interested in mid-scale places, just would like to have them close. We'll be in downtown.

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        Midscale near downtown is a little tougher. Sometimes I feel like the probability of deliciousness is inversely proportional to the proximity to the Plaza. A few relatively recent midscale arrivals I like near downtown, none of them quite a chow revelation, but all reliably tasty:

        * Nile Cafe - a former food truck turned table service restaurant a block north of the Round House, serving consistently delicious Middle Eastern food. Open most days for lunch, last I checked they were only open for dinner a few nights a week. Also last I checked they were dry.

        * Second Street Brewery - in the past few years they opened a second location at the Railyard. This place is probably the closest thing I've seen in the state to a real gastropub: they have terrific beer accompanied by surprisingly well-conceived upscale sandwiches, salads, etc.

        * The Beestro - nice option for a quick bite between museums, this tiny little storefront has a nice selection of panini and salads, several with clever ingredients. My favorite is probably the Dutch chicken panino, a combination of marinated chicken, havarti, greens, and apple butter on a baguette.

        * Dulce - this South Capital bakery is a fun destination for a moderate-length morning walk. Instead of flashy ingredients, Dulce is all about skillful execution of the classics. The muffins, scones, danishes, and quiches are all excellent, but the cinnamon rolls (only available Tue, Thu, Sat) are all-out craveable. Coffee good, not great.

      2. This is to finlero...

        You mention Vivre the successor to Nostrani when they returned to French cooking.

        I was told that Vivre had been sold to a catering company and a totally new restaurant would soon occupy the space.

        I also was told that Chef Nelli Maltezos was returning to Chicago and that Eric was moving to Seattle.

        Have you heard this too ? Or has it all evaporated ?

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          I haven't heard a peep, save for a little bit of chatter on this board, but I'm anything but an insider. The website still lists Maltezos as chef/owner.