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Jun 9, 2013 10:15 AM

Recommendations for Venice, Vicenza, Ferrara and Bologna

My family and I are going to be in these cities in July 2013 and are looking for restaurant recommendations. Thank you in advance!

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  1. There have been tons of earlier posts on this board for Venice and Bologna. You will receive some good and appropriate recommendations if you can be more specific on what types of restaurants you are interested in: budget, type of food, wine, ambience. It would also be helpful to know a little bit about your family (age, how many, lunch as the main meal or simple on the go, etc) and how long you will be in each city. Vague statements such as 'budget is not an issue', 'like all types of food', 'we're all foodies', 'where locals eat and not tourist traps' won't get you many recommendations. The more you convey on what you and your family are looking for, the better responds you'll get.

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      Thank you for the recommendations. I have looked at some of the recommendations in other posts already but have found little or nothing for the other destinations -- Vicenza and Ferrara. I forgot to add in Ravenna, as well. We'll be in Venice and Bologna for 3 nights, 1-2 nights in the other destinations.

      I am traveling with my sister and parents -- ranging from 30's to mid-60's. Recommendations for lunch and dinner are needed -- both budget and mid-to-upper price ranges. We will have a car and don't mind driving a reasonable distance for a good restaurant. Looking for Italian food -- regional, local favorites. Will be celebrating a birthday and an anniversary.

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        For Vicenza, had a very good dinner couple years ago at Antica Osteria Al Bersagliere; cooking is a slightly modern take on traditional Veneto cooking. For simpler and more traditional, cross the river to Il Cursore.
        Venice: 3 days of a first visit; most of all, Iwould choose an all seafood trattoria such as Antiche Carampane, Boccadoro which has outside table on a quiet campo of if one doesn't mind be little cramped, Alle Testiere; for traditional, Vini da Gigio with a extensive menu, Al Covo or Osteria San Marco; simple and less expensive are alla Frasca, ai Promessi Sposi or alla Vedova; and if need more, canal side at Da Rioba, Anice Stellato, Trattoria da Fiore (not the seafood Osteria da Fiore in San Polo). One of my current favorites is L'Orto dei Mori. For mid-day or late afternoon spritz ritual, go to the one many bacari or trattoria front bars for cichetti; depending where you are at: La Cantina, Antica Adelaide, alla Vedova are good in Cannairegio; near the Riatio Market are Bancogiro, Do Spade, L'Aqusante, Antico Dolo; Dorsoduro: Cantinone gia Schiavi, Ai Pugni, ai Vini Padovani. If you want any specifics on the above, happy to try answering them.
        There have been tons of recent posts on Bologna. Seems like it is this years favorite. And since you have a car, check on the excellent posts on eating outside of Bologna. Don't have anything on Ferrara and haven't been to Ravenna in years.

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            Try Righetti in Vicenza for lunch. Everyone in Vicenza eats there frequently.

    2. Re Ferrara: This was added a mere five days ago.
      It contains a wealth of information, as do many other recent posts on Venice and Bologna.