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Jun 9, 2013 10:15 AM

Antica Trattoria della Gigina gone downhill since new management?

I am staying in Bologna for a few days in late August and deciding where to eat. I think the first day's dinner will be Serghei, the second day will be TBD (probably La Traviata, it's very near our hotel) since we're doing the Italian Food Days tour, and then the third day I had planned on Antica Trattoria della Gigina. However, when I emailed my hotel asking how far in advance I should ask for reservations for Serghei and Antica, they responded that Antica had gone downhill as they were under new management, who is Chinese. Has anyone been there recently and can corroborate that the food has gone downhill? I've read many of the Bologna threads and it seemed to always get positive reviews, but certainly a lot can change under new management. Many thanks!

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  1. personally I think the story is unlikely - see this article from March of this year - interesting to find out more

    1. I was just there and I liked it a lot. I'd never been before and have no comparison though. However, I also loved Trattoria Gianni and Caminetto D'oro (which don't require cab rides from city center.) My full report is uploading (hopefully!) right now....

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