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Jun 9, 2013 09:25 AM

Great counter service restaurants in Raleigh

Anyone care to share their favorite counter service restaurants in Raleigh? I'm thinking independent places, or small locally owned chains.

These are my favorites (but I'm in danger of wearing them out): Guasaca, Chubby's, Village Deli, Neomonde Deli, Sunflowers


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  1. You have listed several of my favorites!

    I would add Sub Conscious to the list. Their bread is fantastic and really makes for the best subs in town.

    I have two I like for seafood: The NC Seafood place at the farmers market (great fried oysters) and the fry counter at Saltwater Seafood Market on Capital Blvd. They have a terrific fish sandwich special on Mondays iirc.

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    1. re: meatn3

      Ha, yes, I was contemplating my list later and realized I forgot Subconscious!

      I've been to the NC Seafood place, it was great but I was put off by how crowded it was. Thanks for the reminder, will go again during off hours. And thanks for suggesting Saltwater Seafood, will give it a try.

      1. re: chason

        Just an FYI about Saltwater: there's no indoor seating and just one or two picnic tables outside. Not a particularly scenic location...

    2. Guasaca is a good one. I like Lilly's pizza, Spize cafe, and Mami Nora's

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        2nd Mama Nora's, Lilly's is one of those institutions where once they receive institution status they provide you with bad service. Last time I want there was during the beginning of lunch, took them forever to get to us, then after waiting for ever for the pizza it turned out to be the wrong one. They did offer to remake it, but instead of jumping us to the front of the line since we were already there for 45 min. they just put in another order at the back. We finally received it after waiting close to an hour and a half, have not been back since.

        1. re: chazzer

          Thanks to both for the recs (and the warning :))

        1. re: supernc

          Thanks, I'll go next time I'm craving a good hot dog!