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Jun 9, 2013 09:22 AM

Ottolenghi and Nopi in one brief London trip....too much overlap?

Hi friends,

Hubby and I will be in London 2 days before heading out via Eurostar...On the night we arrive, I have reservations at Ottolenghi, and at Nopi the night after. (brunch reservations at La Porte des Indes on Sunday, btw) Are the two experiences too similar? If so, would love a tip on which one...hubby is into cocktails, which makes Nopi a better choice but I don't want to miss out. Also need a good reco for dinner on Sunday night...we are staying in Camden Town. Thanks!

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  1. While I think Ottolenghi is absolutely wonderful, I do think doing that then Nopi on successive nights is probably overkill. Either would be great.

    For your Sunday evening how about the Bull and Last in Highgate or Odette's in Primrose Hill.

    1. I'd go for Nopi over Ottolenghi, which I see more of a place for a quick lunch/dinner or to grab a salad or a slice of cake on the run rather than a 'sit down and take your time' type venue.

      The Bull and Last is a great suggestion, and I've had some good meals at the York and Albany.

      1. Thanks, ManinTransit and Pj26 - your recommendations sound fantastic! We are letting go of Ottolenghi for Friday night (afternoon arrival in Heathrow w/ getting through customs means we have no idea when we'll actually be settled in town for dinner anyway), so Nopi it is! Bull & Last, Odettes, and York and Albany all will suit us for Sunday - really appreciate the help!

        1. If you eat at Nopi, the broad bean fritters are really very, very good.