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Jun 9, 2013 05:23 AM

The Fountain (Four Seasons)

Just thought I'd post this since I was thinking about going to The Fountain for the first time (if I'm going to go to a super-expensive restaurant, I might as well get a discount!).

Savored has had a 30% discount available for The Fountain for quite a while. Only available for Tues, Wed or Thurs, from 5:30-7PM. Wine is included, but not if the wine is >$150/bottle (hopefully they actually have wine that cost less than that!).

Although one has to wonder when one of our best restaurants starts offering coupons. Bad sign.

None of the other Philly restaurants on Savored really interest me. Does anyone think any are worth considering?

I miss the 30% discount they used to have for The Prime Rib. We took advantage of that quite a few times for BYOB.

By the way, whatever happened to the "coupons & deals" thread? It seems to have been deleted.

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  1. The Four Seasons has had a midweek discount for a long time, in one form or another. Go and enjoy it. We were there for a friend's birthday celebration about a year ago and it was excellent.

    About Savored:

    The person who told us about it has used it for La Buca and enjoyed it very much.
    I used it to make a reservation at Girasole, which was listed at that time for the 30% offer.
    Two hours before we were supposed to be at Girasole, I received an email saying that Girasole couldn't take us because they were having a private party that evening.
    I checked Open Table and Girasole had openings at every time slot.

    I emailed both Savored and Girasole; never heard back.
    I believe that Savored changed ownership right about that time.
    As for Girasole - we used to go there occasionally, because it is close to the Kimmel Center. Never again.

    But Savored should be okay.

    1. Thanks for the tip on the 30% discount at The Fountain Room. Looking at the hours and days the discount is available it appears to me to be good business rather than a bad sign. You certainly will find wine under $150 per bottle as well as some nice by-the-glass choices. This has been a long time favorite for Thanksgiving, special occasions, a quick cocktail and some finger food, or just the repose offered by their lovely venue, excellent service and nicely executed menu.

        1. How does their menu work now? It has been a while since we have been there and I seem to remember a la carte options and a tasting menu option.

          The current menu offers a three course tasting menu on Tues-Thu and a five course on Fri and Sat. Does anyone know the prices on those? Is a la carte still an option?

          1. We ate at The Fountain a couple of weeks ago with the 30% Savored discount. We chose a la carte because we didn't care for the choices on the prix fixe menu -- had a wonderful meal with a glass of wine for me (DH doesn't drink) and it was a super bargain with the discount. Don't remember the prices but it was very reasonable.