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Jun 9, 2013 04:54 AM

Mezzaluna - recommendation for size and brand with cover (or separate cover)

Yesterday I had a lunch at Chop't ( in Bethesda, MD and watched while they chopped my salad ingredients with a mezzaluna. That's one kitchen knife I don't yet have and think I could use. When I looked on Amazon for mezzaluna's, I found too many choices. Can anyone recommend a good mezzaluna - either from the list on Amazon or somewhere else? I would prefer one that comes with a cover or one without a cover for which I could buy a separate cover. Thanks!

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  1. Just a heads up to distinguish between mezzaluna's designed for herbs, etc., vs. those for salads. You'll likely want a larger one (say, 8-10") for salads. IMHO, many of the mezzalunas linked above are likely too small to use effectively to make chopped salad.

    (I have the Shun set, and only use it for herbs, garlic, dried fruit, etc. -- it'd be way too small for salad).

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      Thanks, Lyc_nyc, for pointing this out. I see what you mean!

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        Your post caught my eye--I've always wanted a mezzaluna, then you said Shun set and I had to google.

        Do you have this?

        Do you love it? Ohmy. Just when I think "What else could possibly go on my wish list?!"

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          Haha.. yes. I don't use it too often, but it's useful when I do!

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            Is that price correct? That sounds like one helluva deal--can't be!

          2. I have a double mezzaluna (with cover) that is fab for chopping herbs. Unfortunately, there's no brand name on it.

            For herbs, I would def recommend a double mezza.

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              Hi linguafood, Hmm... I may just wait and think about this some more since I don't have a lot of room to store something big and double bladed like you and the others have recommended. But thanks! Leni

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                It's not big at all. Maybe as long as regular scissors? It's in one of my kitchen drawers along with.... scissors, a can opener, another pair of scissors, a mandoline, a lemon juicer, and other sundry things.

            2. Here are two that we use.

              One by Rösle, and the other by WMF. Both surgically sharp, double blades, stainless steel, and dishwasher safe.

              Our Rösle uses one hand, and took a little getting used to. My wife then requested one with two handles to apply more force, and we found the WMF to have the best features.

              One can use a standard cutting board, but the Rösle came as a set with a special cutting board as pictured. There is a slight concave recess to facilitate the cutting. Herbes, salad, all chop well using either tool.

              The local custom here is to place the cutter blade down on a wall rack near the sink. We place both of ours inside a drawer with small foam cushioning insert cut to fit below the blades.

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                Hi Swissaire, I searched for WMF and found this link with lots of Mezzalunas! I think when I'm ready to add to overstuffed drawer, I may get the double blade one by WMT. Thanks for the recommendation. Leni

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                  You are most welcome !


              2. This Oxo set is designed for chopped salad and has decent reviews, but might be too large/hard to store for your purposes:

                I don't think it comes with a cover, and it's not a real mezzaluna, if that's important to you (likely is more single-purpose).

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                  Thanks, Lyc-Nyc. I appreciate your suggestion. Leni