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Jun 9, 2013 04:26 AM

New to Vancouver, wondering about IzaKaya?

Coming for 4 nights the first week of July. Would like to try an izakaya restaurant but not sure where? For Chinese we are thinking Peaceful restaurant, I know, like most, but any ideas for a seafood based Chinese? Staying in Yaletown, hoping for your help. BTW, if you come to NYC try Dominique Ansel bakery on Spring St...not necessarily for the Cronuts but for everything else! And good coffee!

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  1. I like the Guus. The original on Thurlow is my favourite. But why do one when you can do the crawl- start at Guu Thurlow and walk down the hill on Robson and hit them all.

    1. I recommend a crawl too! The Guus are guud.

      I would start at Guu garlic on Robson as you are closer to the other izakayas.

      They you can hit:
      -Guu Kobachi (the Guu test kitchen)
      -Zakkushi (more Yakitori but good)
      -Kingyo (More high end)

      As weird as this will sound you can contrast Japanese "Tapas' with Spanish ones at Espana to boot.

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          This sounds great! and filling! and exercize in between! And drinks! Any dishes not to be missed?

          1. re: t14072

            I like deep frieds. The karaage at Gyoza King are guuuud ....

            At Guu, the grilled pork cheek I like. The grilled mackerel I love (if you like mackerel). The kimchi hot pot is great too, but this is the wrong season for it. Oh and the baked oyster is good but I only eat a small bite of it from my wife's order, since I'm watching my waistline ;-)

            Come to think of it, nothing is bad at Guu.

            1. re: t14072

              I'm not sure how much exercise you'll get..... maybe if you start at the Original Guu like fmed said. If you start where I suggested, then it's only 2 blocks at most between izakayas and it's downhill or flat walking.

              For Zakkushi - Pork toro, all the Pork wrapped around things (they a few options like garlic stems, quail eggs etc), Beef tongue, Chicken gizzards.

              For the Guus - I second Sam Salmon's Spicy Cod Roe found in the form of their Kimchi Udon. The Chicken Kaarage is good too. The kobachi location is their test kitchen so their menu changes but if you see the deep fried chicken gizzard order it and then a beer (perfect combo)

              Kingyo - The Carpaccios are good here. I know it's gimmicky but I do like the stone grill it yourself options you can have with the Kobe beef and the beef tongue.

              1. re: moyenchow

                Or start from Kingyo, then do the crawl to Zakkushi then *up* Robson St to Gyoza King and the Guus. Uphill .... burn more calories ;-)