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Jun 9, 2013 03:22 AM

Boise Summer Food Festivals

I already missed posting on the Greek Festival, Blues Brews and BBQs, and Savor Idaho is sold out. Off the top of my head here are the ones left this summer, but I hope others will add to this.

Emmett Cherry Festival

Boise Co-Op 40th anniversary: June 22

Northwest Rib Fest: June 27-30

San Inazio Festival (Basque Festival): July 27-28

Basque Wine Fest: August 16

Tour De Fat: Aug 17

Idaho State Fair: Aug 16-25
(Okay, not purely food, but c'mon it's the fair!

Art in the Park: Sept 6-8
(not technically food-centered, but plenty of food trucks and vendors

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  1. Thanks for a nice list of food related events. One more...the Boise 150 Party on July 7. They will have food trucks, music and many other events.

    1. 10 Barrel Brewing have a Grand Opening Party tomorrow, Friday 14th, 5 - 10pm. Beer, pizza and live music in the parking lot behind.

      1. Just learned of another event...Sun Valley Food and Wine Festival. September 19-22.

        1. Great stuff, guys- keep 'em comin'!

          1. Enbell...we are heading to Ketchum today...any suggestions?

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            1. re: Tripper

              Here are the first ones that came to mind:

              Brunch at Cristina's
              Spanish/Portuguese/Mexican at Boca
              In Hailey, CK's Real Food
              Great for lunch as well

              Have fun and report back :)

              1. re: enbell

                Missed your response before I left. Just posted a report. We didn't go to Christina's or CK's but should have. Have had great meals there in past years. Check out my post...a real mixed bag.