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Jun 9, 2013 02:52 AM

Top 5 sweetbread in LA?

I try to order sweetbread whenever I see it offer on the menu. In the past, I have only came across less than a handful of outstanding preparations in LA. Not sure of their identity or if they still exist. All were simply sauteed with a light dusting of flour to achieve a crisp coat. The rest are all poorly done and not worth the while.
Any recommendation for places that now consistently serve "Chow worthy" sweetbread?

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  1. Funny you should ask about sweetbreads in LA. Hound extraordinaire chrishei recently posted his review of Bierbeisl in Beverly Hills:

    He mentioned their sweetbreads:

    "I tried the sauteed veal sweetbreads on my second visit as my main (although it’s technically a starter), and it’s good enough to convert even the most offal-adverse of diners."

    Sounds worthy.

    1. Red Medicine and Osteria Mozza both have very good versions.

      Would love a report comparing them if you do end up trying them all.

      1. Animal has them. I know you're asking for chow-worthy sweetbreads, and while I loved almost everything else I've had there, I didn't love them there. I thought the breading was a little heavy and the thing that immediately came to mind as I was eating them was "KFC popcorn chicken". Maybe it was an off-day for the dish and others have had better experiences. Like I said, everything else there was delicious.

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          On several visits to Animal (before they changed to the present sweetbreads recipe) they had a wonderful dish that had fried sweetbreads and hen of the woods mushrooms (maitake by any other name) on top of creamed spinach, garnished with capers and grapefruit. I loved that preparation and wish they would bring it back.

        2. Last time I was at Sotto they had wonderful almond crusted sweetbreads over bitter greens. Creamy and crisp.

            1. re: yogacat

              I have to disagree. The good news? Truly generous portions.

              But...they were chewy messes. Rubbery nasty stuff. There are ways a chef can cook these things to make them soft and buttery - which is not done at the Gaucho Grill.

              I was surprised they were on the menu - I was not familiar with Gaucho Grill (I've seen them around, but have never given them a go). Based on your recommendations, I tried them.

              I thought the grilled chicken (Pollo al Carbon) was fairly tasteless and overcooked. ) I left the restaurant damning the fact I could have eaten next door at Pizzicotto. Or the bar at Vincenzo. Or Tar & Roses. Or pretty much any one of a dozen places on the westside. No more Gaucho Grill for me.