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Jun 9, 2013 12:45 AM

Signature steakhouse

36th floor of the ala moana hotel, used to be Nicholas nikolas/Aaron's, I think.

the food was fine, tasted steak from my family members. beef from the Midwest. they did medium rare and medium, I was surprised that the flavor and texture was good for medium. I personally eat my steak blue rare, but they get an A. if you love steak, you will love their steak. big portions for big prices. I think i would choose ruth's chris over signature, though, because of value, because i like their oven cooking process over the grilled, and because of the thickness of RC's cuts. (don't get me wrong, i do love grilled meats.)

I had grilled opakapaka. the portion was on the larger side, perfect amount for a fish dish. I actually was reminded of Kentucky fried chicken spices, although it was pleasant. part of the fish was a little drier than I would have liked, but overall enjoyable. i am trying to expand my horizons and eating more fish.

I also had the steak tartar, nicely topped with a quail egg. I was surprised by the appearance and the taste, very creamy, wet. I rarely get to eat tartar, so I liked it, but it would be better if not so much wet ingredients.

truffle oil mashed potatoes were very good, but not better than mash than other places.

their focaccia bread was good, but sis thought it should have a crunchy crust instead of being a soft oval loaf.

my sister's miso butterfish was excellent. best I have had. I think they removed as many pinbones as possible, so extra points.

my chocolate buttermilk layer cake was just cake from a boxed mix with Hershey's syrup. tasty, but c'mon, this is fine dining. when they bring out the crumb scraper, you expect something decadent and refined.

sis and hubby had chocolate soufflé, which, as we all know, takes 20 min to prepare, which they did not mention during the meal. they got it anyway, and it was delish, but identical to any good chocolate lava cake you can get anywhere else. not really souffleish.

however, the lilikoi crème brulee was ONO. as in must have to try it. i would come here as a dessert stop off after dinner somewhere else.

my decaf coffee was quality, as expected.

as for atmosphere, the view is spectacular, the interior is modern but warm. hooks under the bar for purses or bags. however, we were seated right next to the piano and the music was loud and constant. A for every other table, but D for our table.

wait staff was very helpful, professional. i was surprised to see some of the other patrons in shorts and tshirts, which i don't mind and actually support. i was bummed to be so dressed up myself.

$395 for six.

my list of places for beef would go as follows:

Ruth's Chris
Haleiwa Joe's

i dislike Morton's. have not been to wolfgang's and dk and others.

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  1. Thanks for such a detailed report. Embarrased to say I hadn't even heard of it. The price seems about on point for a high end steakhouse these days. Did I miss it or did you not have any special beverages? I don't know a good wine list from a bad one, just wondering what you drank.

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    1. re: KaimukiMan

      we all stuck with water and two of us had after dinner coffee and one tea.

      yeah, they just opened this past week. it seems a lot of yelpers ate there before the official opening, and I heard about it from my dad, who loves premium beef but puts ketchup on it *cringe*. why do these places even have that in the kitchen?

    2. the edit function seems to be gone. oh wait, it's back again. now it just appears for certain posts, not all.

      I forgot I also enjoy outback. I had been once or twice and regarded them with derision, but after going back several times, I grew to like them.

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      1. re: indelibledotink

        I like Outback for what it is. I don't expect amazing beef, but it is nice to get out of a restaurant for under $100 and I love the bloomin onion.

        Hy's will always be my go to place for is okay, Wolfgang is okay, like Morton's ESPECIALLY at happy hour and Chart House is a great value, fun and local vibe.

        But I'll look into this place and ask my clients in HNL if they know it or want to try it my next trip.

      2. Mahalo for that report.

        We dined there, when it was Aaron's, and it was good then. Not the best in Waikiki, but still quite good.