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Deep dish pizza

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We have lived near Lefty's in North Park for years. My husband is from Chicago and I lived in Chicago for 3 years. We used to like Lefty's, at least as an acceptable substitute for the real thing. Recently, though, we have been disappointed with one pizza after another. We compared notes and think it has to do with the tomatoes which seem to be canned without any flavoring and devoid of their own natural flavor. Today we were at Costco, and noticed, for the first time, a bake-at-home deep dish pizza next to the standard pizzas Costco has had for years. The deep dish pizza has pepperoni, sausage and olives and was about $9.95, about half the size of a Lefty's pizza and somewhat less than half the price (if I recall correctly). We just cooked and ate the pizza and greatly prefer it to Lefty's. It is still nowhere near our memories of Chicago deep dish but the crust was actually fabulous (if not quite authentic--actually fairly buttery), the tomato sauce was good and the toppings were fine. The cheese was the only ingredient which was just average.

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  1. We tried the Costco deep dish a few months ago,

    Not bad and could be 'doctored up' to be fairly good!

    Let it come to room temp before baking and use a pizza stone in the center of the oven.

    Forgot the recommended temp, but use a thermometer to check your oven...d;^)

    1. Since you're open to do-it-yourself, have you tried ordering/shipping from Lou Malnati's?

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        Yes, but cost is an issue in terms of doing that regularly, and, in general, we get the pizza "urge" on a spur-of-the-momennt basis. We have had Chicago friends bring back frozen deep dish pizzas on occasion.

      2. Berkeley Pizza is very good.

        539 Island Ave
        (between 5th Ave & 6th Ave)
        San Diego, CA 92101
        Neighborhoods: Gaslamp, East Village
        (619) 937-0808

        I think they also sell take-and-bake deep dish pizzas at the Little Italy Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings -- at least they did the last time I was there.

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          +1 on Berkeley. My significant other, who's a Chicagoan and huge Giordano's fan (okay, she's from the Western suburbs), says Berkeley's is the closest to real deep dish pizza.

        2. I have not seen the deep dish at my Costco but haven't really looked.
          Sounds good and I'll gussy it up with more cheese.