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Jun 8, 2013 08:06 PM

Causa de cangrejo in South OC?

Caught a Bourdain Peru ep where they were eating this dish made of eggs, potatoes, and fish (crabmeat I think). Looked really interesting . Any idea where they might serve it in OC (south preferred!).

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  1. Causas de congejo at La Mar in Lima. Don't know a single place that serves it in OC.

    1. El Rocoto in Cerritos has "causitas" on their menu, which appear to be what you are looking for (or at least they have their version of the dish). Casa Inka in Fountain Valley also has it on their menu.

      Mo-Chica has a version of it on their menu. Not OC but if you are ever up this way you can see what you think of it. Also up this way, Picca has a whole menu section that they term their "Causa" bar and has various toppings offered.

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        I liked Casa Inka's causas a lot. I only got the crab one. That place is solid, although I only like their green sauce, not their orange sauce.

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          What else do you recommend there? Menu looks very legit. Will give it a try very soon.

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            Casa Inka is excellent.

            Full report here:


            Below is a picture of the causa de cangrejo along with some beef heart antichucho at Casa Inka.

      2. I don't think it was on the menu, but you can check with Delicias Peruanas in Lake Forest if they can make it. The owners are actual Peruvian of Asian descent and speak fluent Spanish.