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Jun 8, 2013 05:39 PM


Hi folks - is there a recommendation on where I might find fresh honeycomb in the D/FW area? I live up in Allen (home of the 5a reigning state champs, sorry had to add that) but am around most of our area quite a bit with work. Perhaps a farmers market? As to type of honeycomb, I was really just pining to memories of my youth when my mom would find chocolate covered fresh honeycomb, unfortunately not here in D/FW. Didn't see a recent post on the board here about it - any thoughts?

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    1. Sprouts! They sell it in their "bins" of bulk items

      1. Allen,

        I think your search might come up a bit unfruitful. Many honey suppliers are having trouble these days with all the municipalities spraying for West Nile. I know for a fact they killed off all of my bees. I am not a bee keeper persay but I do enjoy their company on my backyard lavendar plant. They have been gone now for about three weeks and I highly suspect it is because of West Nile spraying in our neighborhood.

        If you buy from local honey purveyors you are investing in local bees that are vital to our economy here. Yes you can buy honeycomb at places like Sprouts and the big retailers but you will not know and they will not know where it comes from exactly.

        I know for a fact that Texas Honeybee Guild take every effort to educate and stash their hives when the City of Dallas sprays.

        I would call some of the smaller purveyors out in the far suburbs to see if they have what you are looking for.

        Texas Honeybee Guild
        Sunnyvale Honey
        Nature Nates/North Dallas Honey
        Round Rock Honey - they have hives out in Copper Canyon in Denton County
        Desert Creek Honey

        1. You can get Texas Honeybee Guild honeycomb through Greenling (pricey, though). Here's a link: