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Jun 8, 2013 05:26 PM

Four young women in Paris on a budget

My daughter and three of her friends are spending 10 days in Paris next week. They are all students so their budget is tight. However, they still want to eat well! A lot of the time they will be buying their food from the markets and cooking it in their apartment so that is sorted. But I am wondering if anyone has suggestions about meals that would be under 25E a head where the food is still more than decent? They are willing to travel around town. I was last in Paris 2 years ago and planning to be there again at the end of the year but the restaurants we ate at are not in their league so I am a bit stumped. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I'm thinking that perhaps these young women aren't terribly big eaters, so places where they could order an assortment of small plates might work well for appetites as well as budgets.

    Maybe places like Dans les Landes, Frenchie Bar a Vins, Au Deux Amis, Le Dauphin would offer interesting plates they could share, something like 7 or 8 plates for the 4 of them?

    1. If they can go for luches, which is the way i preffer in Paris and probably in general, there might be excellent possibilities close to that budget, for instance i would have chosen Pirouette for sure for a lunch, after our dinner expirience. Also Au Passage might be an option..
      And there is a superb thread from the past that every budget question should be directed there:

      Oh and they must go for a market bought rotiserrie meal or two at apartment, one of the best decisions we made last trip.

      1. Here are others from a recent thread (all under 20 E and good)

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          Another spot you can find on John Talbott's blog, that we tried 2 weeks ago and really enjoyed is Braisenville on Rue Condorcet in the 9th.

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            John, is Jeanne B a cousin of Jeanne A? I have been to the latter and enjoyed it.

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              Whether sibs or generations, Jeanne's A & B and Astier are indeed related.
              For what it's worth I think it shines brighter than the others.

          2. Or they can take the majority of my J. Genin pre order action and be full and high on sugar for awhile.
            25€ per should cover it.

            1. Thanks to all! Mangeur, being Aussies, they love a drink! I had suggested Frenchie a Vin but hadn't thought about the rest - although they might find Le Dauphin a bit more challenging than the bar food they're used to.

              They are all keen cooks, love markets and one of them speaks decent French so I think they will end up with lots of picnics and some meals in their apartment,

              I will have a look at those links for cheapies now, many thanks again.

              PS Is Les Papilles still a good place? I loved it when we were there and because it's price fixe there are no surprises and I thought it would be a good 'proper' night out for them.

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                The menu at Le Dauphin is broad enough to provide options for just about every/any palate.

                We still love Les Papilles. Yes, it is always the same; yes, can be boring to those who are looking for a new "Wow" every meal; yes, is well frequented by Anglo speakers. But it is dependable and we regularly see neighborhood regulars both being seated (if they booked) and being turned away (if they didn't). As I frequently write, we have never taken new visitors there and had them disappointed. It's grandma's if she'd been French.

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                  That's good to know, I certainly trust your judgement! I will make sure they put it on the list and BOOK :)