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Jun 8, 2013 05:18 PM

Recs in Burlington, any cuisine

A few friends and I, all around age 40 and somewhat foodie, are meeting for an early dinner tomorrow and our halfway/meeting point is Burlington (MA). Any suggestions for a moderately-priced (up to $15-20 per entree) restaurant, any cuisine? We're all open to any kind of food; want something on the quieter side so we can talk and linger for a few hours.

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  1. if no one chips in soon enough, do a search (top right of this pg) under Burlington or Burlington Mall and a number of places will come up. A few people have written about Adrana? and another place,_____Summer, as upscale and good- both in the B Mall.

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      unfortunately L'Andana is more like $30.00 per main entree.

      1. re: teezeetoo

        and unfortunately "_____Summer", s/b Summer Winter prices are right up there too.

        For the price point, and any cuisine, I'd go to The Mughals Indian Restaurant.

    2. Tough one...there's a Thai place called Lemon Tree that is a couple miles past the mall. Or if you want other Asian options, you could always go to the HMart food court, though I'm not sure how quiet that would be. I also liked Blue Stove inside Nordstroms at the mall.

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        Thanks for all of the recs. I think we're going to end up at the Border Cafe as other members of the party want. (I know, I know.) Hope the noise factor isn't an issue. Sigh.

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          If you still have an option, the Beacon Grille right off 128 in Woburn has a nice mix of reasonably priced entrees that would appeal to a wide variety and is pleasant and comfortable.

          Have fun wherever you end up!

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            I guess it's too late, but if you want quiet the Border Cafe isn't the place to find it. It's horribly noisy, I avoid it for that reason.

            (In your shoes I'd have done Blue Stove.)

        2. New Jang Su (260 Cambridge Street in Burlington) is a Korean restaurant specializing in barbecue, with in-table gas grills available if you're ordering BBQ items. I was there again yesterday, and enjoyed the experience and the food a lot. It's not far from the Burlington Mall and 128.

          1. Out Rt 3A, past Bldg 19 and the next busy intersection, is Mughals Indian restaurant in a strip-mall at 184 Cambridge St/3A. (Before New Jang Su) It's set back from the road with construction going on around it, but it's quiet inside. Good food, pleasant atmosphere.

            It's probably too late for the OP, but I might as well add it for future reference.

            1. Not sure if it's too late - but I've always been pleasantly surprised by Flatbread Pizza Co, which is right on the Burlington/Bedford line. They use a lot of local ingredients, and the food's good! It isn't too loud either.

              In that complex is also an Asian restaurant that I wouldn't recommend, and the Melting Pot.