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Jun 8, 2013 04:19 PM

Shredded green papaya... but NOT salad?

Help me, oh chowhounds. As I'd requested, my kind partner shredded green papaya for the green papaya salad on our table of Thai food tonight. Except he actually shredded THREE enormous green papayas. I have about a bucket of the stuff. Too much for just salad for three.

What can I do with the rest? I was thinking of making it into a green papaya version of a Surinamese pom casserole, but we won't have leftover chicken and I'm not sure it would be good anyway. Any other ideas?

Thanks so much!

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  1. Make a curry. Just the other day I made a delicious curry with chopped onion, shallot, fresh turmeric root, grated fresh ginger, garlic, and small chunks of green papaya. After that was halfway done, added Thai red curry paste, chunks of chicken, and a can of coconut milk. Salt and pepper to taste. Simmered for 25 minutes and added chopped cilantro before serving.

    Another kind of meat, tofu, or seitan would probably work in place of the chicken.

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      Ooh, I may do that, thanks. I have a bunch of curry pastes in the fridge. That's a great idea. Thank you!

      If other people have ideas too, this could handle a curry and a few other dishes.

      I wonder if it would freeze, or if freezing it would destroy the structure and turn it to mush when it unfroze.

    2. Tinola is a Filipino chicken soup usually made with green papaya. The papaya is normally cut into chunks, but I'm sure you can adapt a recipe to use shredded papaya.

      Filipinos also use green papaya in atchara, which you can think of as sort of like a Filipino sauerkraut which is used to accompany meat dishes. So, basically, pickled green papaya.

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        I always have a jar of achara curing in the fridge. It's a great refrigerator pickle to have on hand as it compliments so many foods.

        Shredded green papaya can also be stir fried like a noodle in Thai dishes like pad thai.

      2. Achara sounds wonderful. I'm going to try that. Thank you!

        1. Turn it into Vietnamese pickle (do chua) which is typically carrot and daikon but may have many different variations including slices of green papaya.

          This can then be used in banh mi (sandwiches) or nuoc cham (dipping sauce). It would go well with bun cha.