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Jun 8, 2013 03:43 PM

YAY! A vegan resto in Irmo, SC

Ankh Life International Vegan Cafe, a "sister restaurant" to Lambs Bread Vegan Cafe located on Main Street in Columbia, opened in the old "Little Mexico" location on St. Andrews Rd. across from Seven Oaks Shopping Center. Today's lunch special of BBQ short ribs, rutabaga, & lima beans really wowed me! Nice sized full plate for $11. Can't wait to go back and try more.

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    1. re: carolinadawg

      I should say.... BBQ "short ribs". They were vegetable protein. I'm amazed at what can be done in the vegan and raw arena of food.

      1. re: SweetPea

        I'm amazed by the people who want to eat vegan but insist on imitating meat. LoL

        My mother-in-law is 100% vegan...she is Hindu. I will eat anything she prepares for herself. Her vegan dishes are better than most food you'll find anywhere. Never does she try to pretend to eat anything other than what's really on her plate.

        I also have to admit that when she cooks meat for the rest of the family it is absolutely to die for.

        1. re: JayL

          JayL faux meat is helpful for those staying vegan (like my dad) for health reasons who fondly remember meat. Also they are usually made from soy/wheat gluten and very high in protein. They're useful, but like you I prefer to eat vegan Indian food. Want to share some of her recipes:)

          also vegetables unless we're talking about collards, turnip greens are expensive. It's $3 at harris teeter for a red pepper. Meat and dairy are subsidized by the gov't unfortunately.

          1. re: Rory

            LoL...restaurants don't buy from Harris Teeter.

    2. A lunch special for $11? Holy hemlock. Sounds like Charleston prices.

      Before moving to this area 4 years ago I remember paying $5-$6 for lunch specials (and can still get them close to that same price in those same restaurants).

      Protein is the expensive part of the plate. Serving no protein, in theory, should be cheaper. LoL

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      1. re: JayL

        Why do you think vegan menus have no protein?

        1. re: Rasam

          vegan meals do have protein absolutely. I basically eat tons of dal/beans but my dad loves faux meat, since he's 88 and super healthy I make it for him:)

          1. re: Rasam

            Protein as in MEAT, Rasam. I think you knew that...