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Ruby Tuesdays

Just got in the mail a coupon for 25% off for dinner. Should I try the resto. Please let me know if anyone dared to go.

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  1. They have a pretty good salad bar.

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      I like the salad bar too, but I've never had anything else worth repeating.

    2. I've eaten there before. I'd say its probably a step up from fridays or applebee's but its still a chain

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        Yes. Use your coupon and decide for yourself. It is hardly daring to eat there. I've had pretty good meals there; I like it if when we are traveling and we find one off the interstate. Better than a lot of chains.

      2. It's OK - far better than an Olive Garden or Red Lobster, although we only go when we get a $10 off two-entree coupon, about 4 times/yr.

        1. If you stick with the salad bar and the crabcake appetizer, you'll be okay. Perhaps even reasonably happy.

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            I actually like the crabcake. While away from home fro an extended period this was really the only restaurant with silverware available to me, and I found it to be quite ok. A big step up from Applebee's.

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              I have to take back my opinion of the crabcake. I had one yesterday for the first time in a long time, and they totally change the recipe. Tons of soggy brad and celery filler. So bummed.

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                Huh. Same here. I had about 3 good pairs of crab cakes from a reco here, but the last pair sucked and I haven't been back for about 6 months.

          2. Agree it's the equal or perhaps a step up of Applebee's and TGIF. Also agree the salad bar is probably the main draw. I go for lunch every once in a while and soup and salad bar are always a decent option.

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              Sigh, just about anything is better is better than Applebees.

              We did a road trip a couple of weeks ago, and hit a town where there was absolutely nothing interesting. Soup and Salad Bar at RT did the trick - it was a bit of a bonus that we have no RT stores in our area.

            2. Will your life be improved by getting 25% off your soup and salad? If so, go for it. If not, do like I did. Tear up the coupon and let's never discuss this again.

              1. Meh. Went this weekend with my cousin, who pretty much refuses to go ANYwhere that isn't a chain. Salad bar was okay...unremarkable, but the pumpernickel croutons are good...but my chicken breast was incredibly tough, had been allowed to 'curl up' when cooking, was slathered in what was billed as a 'sweet & tangy' bbq sauce, but was mostly sugary, and had cheese and bacon laid on top. The baked potato on the side was a baked potato. A little undercooked. I didn't cry or anything, but I don't think I'll hurry back.

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                1. re: tonifi

                  So for you, I suppose it was "good bye, Ruby Tuesday..."

                2. I've had the Triple Prime Burger, and found it to be pretty decent, actually, when they finally cooked it right. Mind you: I had a Free Burger coupon to use up, but it was still quite good, taste-wise. As with any chain, any good experience is a total crapshoot. If you have one, buy yourself a lottery ticket.

                  1. They never get it right!

                    Once a month I am forced to lunch at Ruby Tiesday in Shelton, CT with a particular client and his wife and mother. I have a black coffee and the salad bar.

                    Every visit, the wife and mother order simple meals, usually burgers, and ask that the tomato and mayo or Chipotle sauce be left off the sandwich. Every month the items come out and sure enough the tomato or mayo or Chipotle is on the burger. Client gets annoyed with wife and/or mother for complaining and sending it back as it makes the meal take longer and he wants to get back to the office.

                    Today, we went for our monthly meal. As usual the same thing was wrong. The server took care of the problem, apologizing that he rings it in correctly but the kitchen ignores the orders. While my client was eating his meal and I was eating salad, the manager walked by the table saw the women with no plates and asked: "So what did we screw up this time?"

                    If the manager knows that his kitchen regularly screws up the orders, why does he not spend some time checking plates against the tickets before allowing them to be served to patrons?

                    Maybe one opf tghese days my client will agree to another restaurant for the monthly lunch, there are many places on the same road where I can get a black coffee and salad.

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                    1. re: bagelman01

                      For me, after a few ill-fated visits, it was certainly "Good bye, Ruby Tuesdays..."

                      1. re: Tripeler

                        Unfortunately, this is the clients' choice and the luncheon is billable hours for me. This particular client generates more than 100K in billings for me each year so I have to humor him and he has to humor his mother's request for RT, she owns 51% of theor business.

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                          Wow, what you wrote now really fills out the story. I hope she is getting some good dividends from her stock ownership.