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Any Serbians who live in the Greater Toronto Area? I need your help!!!

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I need to find a Serbian restaurant which can accommodate a (very small) wedding reception.

I am Serbian, and my fiance is Canadian, and we are planning a very small (about 50 people) wedding for this coming November 2013. I would like for it to reflect my culture! Getting married in a church and having a traditional ceremony is not an option, because neither of us nor our families is religious. So, we would like to find a Serbian restaurant in the GTA in which to hold the reception; a "cafana," where there will be traditional music and food. Preferably with some kind of outdoor space, even if it's small, for photos and possibly a very short ceremony.

Help a girl out, does any such place exist?

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  1. (I'm not Serbian), I know there are Croatian restos, but there are Serbian butchers & churches that may have leads?

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      I've been to mcadam b4 and I wasn't too impressed tbh.

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        It's changed. The butchers used to be Croat; more lately they indeed have been Serb.

      2. There are 2 places I know... One is a fun, casual, and served great food. It's in Mississauga and its called McAdam place. It's not 'wedding' focused.

        The other is Bonimi I think. I was told about this place and supposedly it's good. It's in Etobicoke from what I've been told.

        Hope that helps

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          Went to Bonimi once a few months ago with a group. The food although not complex, was delicious, wholesome, fresh, and homemade. The service was friendly and professional. The setting was casual. Prices were very fair for quantities and quality of food served. There was a small enclosed eating area outside of the restaurant along Bloor Street west facing north. Don't remember the music. Definitely worth checking out to make sure they can handle the capacity and can meet your requirements.

          1. Rakia Bar, Queen East Toronto. Get a balkan orchestra and party it up!

            1. mcadam - iirc they have a fenced in patio (they also have a famous serbian folk singer some nights that maybe you can book)

              ZaM is a nice buildin but a bit run down inside otherwise probably matches your needs

              Joker is the smallest of the 3. they have a nice experior and close to a park for picutres. they dont list or read as serbian, but they are. and probly can work out a custom menu with them.

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                Joker at Liberty Village is Serbian??

              2. Outdoor even in November?

                Balkans fail in the Toronto for kafana's - we just do not have the population for it and no one is innovative with their food. You may have to venture out to a suburbia with a higher population.

                Croatia Restaurant is around (not sure how politcal your family is). They will have your typical fare. My kumovi take me once in a while because it is fare they recognize - don't expect mind blowing new age food.

                You may be better off looking for a venue and having catering done or going out of the city. There are a lot of guys who do pecenje, burek. You may also want to consider ukranian catering - they have alot of the same staples and have some great places in the high park neighbourhood.