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Jun 8, 2013 11:51 AM

Marinelli Bread Bakery in Baltimore

Many years ago, around 1992, my husband and I worked as extras in a film my brother in law was making in an old factory in Baltimore's Little Italy, right on S Central Ave. As we waited for our scenes, we saw dozens of people walking into a sketchy alley across the street and coming out with loaves of bread. I finally got up the nerve to go see what it was about and ended up buying the most delicious italian bread. Unfortunately, we never made it back there. With the wonders of the internet, I have recently discovered that it was a small, mostly commercial bakery run by Tony Marinelli, who died in 1998. From what I can find, it might have been sold to the workers who ran it with him since the 1970s, but I am not sure. Does anyone know if this bakery is still in business? Thanks for any info!

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  1. There is still a commercial bakery operating in that vicinity, because you can the smell bread baking. Whether its the same product or owned by the same family, I couldn't say.

    1. Marinelli's is (sadly) gone. What flavmeistr smells is the giant Paterakis-owned H&S bakery nearby (which will soon move out to an office park in east Baltimore to make room for more retail and apartments at the current H&S site).

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        Wow that is sad. Thanks for the information. It's too bad that the workers weren't able to buy that business-seems like it would have held a good market over there. I hate losing these places like that harken back to a very different time- when you could have a bakery down an alley, in your house!