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Jun 8, 2013 09:57 AM

7pm tonight: Scrumptious Chef Pop Up Restaurant #11: East Austin Burger Project

Directions from the north:

Tamale House East, 1707 e. 6th st.
Turn East (LEFT) from the 7'th street exit,
RIGHT on a little street called Chalmers
LEFT on East 6'th street and Tamale House East is on the right.

website quote:
"We spent the last 2 months in serious investigative mode. Sweat neck research led us to 4 men, each claiming that they alone invented the American hamburger (or cheeseburger.)

Now it's time to show and prove. We've secured a truck load of hormone and antibiotic free, verified natural beef from Branch Ranch (est.1902) in Plains, Texas and we're ready to hit the kitchen of Tamale House East. Eventbrite

The menu:...."

Both the burger and french fry description sounds awe-inspiring

Anyone heading? I'm going to be in exact opposite part of town tonight gosh darn it. Wonder how late they are going to stay open?

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  1. Don't miss this, y'all. For extra insanity, RL is offering this hellacious dare:

    "Here's the challenge: Our Mega Beef Burger.
    1 lb of beef
    1 lb of cheese
    1 lb of bacon
    1 lb of fries
    Served on a toasted kaiser roll. Finish this beast in 1 hour and it's yours' gratis. Fail and pony up $50.
    register in advance only

    1. It's about that time again. RL is doing another pop up this weekend, (Nov. 16) this time in tribute to the cooking of Texas women. I have to admit, I have a soft spot for King Ranch Casserole.