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Jun 8, 2013 09:01 AM

Anyone know why soy yogurt is disappearing?

So I ordered a case of Whole Soy yogurt from my food coop, and it turned out to be out of stock. Not too unusual, only a little annoying. Then I went to Trader Joe's--also gone. They told me out of stock for at least a week. So sent my husband to Whole Foods, and guess what? No soy yogurt at all. What the heck is up? Someone on a vegan forum said it had something to do with not being able to use the word "yogurt," but actually I think the TJs version just said "cultured non-dairy" something or other. Is soy yogurt gone forever? I don't eat dairy and I kind of can't stand that coconut stuff.

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  1. It's been disappearing here (Bay Area) for a while. I've asked at Trader Joe's, and they don't know the reason. The brands slowly started disappearing from Whole Foods a few months ago, and the dairy guy said the almond milk yogurts are gone, as well.

    I can't stand the coconut stuff, either.

    Whole Soy (I don't like their yogurt--the plain is too bitter, and they use cane sugar in the rest of their products, while Nancy's uses agave, and Wildwood's plain tastes just fine) moved to a new facility and had trouble ramping up production, among other things (

    I miss my soygurt.

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      I think itt has to do w/ food trends. Soy used to be considered a power food and people were wary of dairy. Now, gluten free is the trend and everything is gluten free. I'm not saying people are all doing it as a trend but enough are to drive the market.

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      1. I buy Stoneyfield brand and Whole Foods and they're only carrying 2 flavors now instead of 4. I noticed that the Whole Soy area was half empty last time, but didn't really think more about it. I'll have to keep my eye on it!

        1. If most of it is as awful as the one I tried then its pretty obvious why its disappearing.

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            Not all of us have the option of eating dairy-based yogurt. I'm allergic to dairy--not lactose-intolerant, but mouth-swells-up allergic. If dairy-eaters can choose from a huge wall of yogurt varieties--including the bizarre amplification of the Greek yogurt category--isn't there room for a few soy varieties?

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              the reason i first tried soy yogurt in the first place is because I have a mild dairy allergy myself. I was actually weaned on soy-milk, back in the dark ages (1950's) when soy milk was not easy to find. If I eat more than a minor amount of dairy over an extended period I beak-out (wish someone had figured that out when i was in high school.) But the stuff I tried - no doubt some off brand - was really horrible.

              1. re: quolivere

                It sounds as if the product is disappearing and may get harder to find, so maybe, if it's as easy as making regular yogurt, that's the best option?

                Googled this up, using soy yogurt, not dairy starters:

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                  I've tried making soy yogurt in the past, and the results have been less than salubrious...I don't remember what brand I used, but it was quite some time ago, so there weren't as many choices. I've been considering trying it again.

                  1. re: quolivere

                    The article makes some recommendations that might help to produce better results, if it comes to that.

              2. re: KaimukiMan

                After almost 20 years, I don't even remember what dairy yogurt tastes like. Clearly, tastes differ--I find Stonyfield almost intolerably gluey, but Whole Soy is thick and creamy. (And since both Trader Joe's and Whole Soy are out of stock, I think we now know who makes Trader Joe's.)

                I did eventually find that Whole Soy site too--good to know it's a resolvable issue.

              3. I'm very disappointed. I just was looking at the O'Soy site, to calculate my weight watchers points for a container of their yogurt. The live cultures in their yogurt are milk based. The whole point of soy yogurt, to me, is that it not contain milk products.

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                1. re: jujuthomas

                  I noticed that, as well, and I totally agree.

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                    I just checked their site, and apparently, their O'Soy soy yogurt is vegan. I think a while back it wasn't, and they changed their recipe.