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Jun 8, 2013 08:15 AM

Best horseradish dishes in LA?

Entertaining a friend tomorrow in LA and she LOVES horseradish (i try not to judge :))

I thought Phillpe's mustard / dip or Canter's deli. I'm stumped. Any suggestions? I'm open to horesradish creme, foam, accents. Help!

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  1. From Tavern's brunch menu Brisket hash with sunny-side
    eggs and horseradish cream .

    At Westside Tavern Lamb Dip sandwich with horseradish cream.

    Magee's at the original farmers market @ 3rd and Fairfax market it's ground fresh daily.

    And of course Lawry's The Prime Rib in Beverly Hills.

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      I meant to reach out and thank you for the prompt response and suggestions. Thanks!

    2. I love horseradish too. Think shrimp cocktail, oysters and prime rib. I had a great prime rib sandwich at Gelsons. Off the shelf, Atomic Brand packs a punch. Some like it hot.

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        Houston's french dip with horseradish cream
        Jar pot roast with horseradish creme friache

          1. Roast beef sandwich w/ horse radish/apple cream sauce at LA Spice in Culver City.

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            1. roast beets with horseradish at Rustic Canyon

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