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Jun 8, 2013 06:12 AM

Omniverous chow in Brussels ? Please check my list so far !

In Brussels with friends next weekend ,one veggie two not - looking for good chow of a tapas-y ( or otherwise eclectic ) nature.

So far looking at Appuntamento ( as per recent posts ) and Henri.

Moderate cost best. Bargains always welcome.

Thoughts on whether these two places fit the bill ? If so, do we need to book for Fri/Sat nights ?

Recs of good bars near to places above ( or other recs ) would be great. We are ( and so shall still be ) three blokes in early to mid 40's with a fondness for witte and wheat beers and looking for a mixed age crowd, a friendly vibe, with late music a bonus.

Friend of mine has recommended some places for beer and/or food.

Thoughts, good and bad,therefore welcome on the following...

1. Greenwich,Kartuizerstraat 7,1000 Brussel

2.De Skieven Architek,Vossenplein 50,1000 Brussel

3. Au bon des vieux temps

4.Mappa Mundo



Thanks for any help you can provide !

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  1. Come on Belgian hounds- can no one help at all ??!

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      First thing - Brussels is compact with good transport so you don't have to limit yourself to the centre. The places you mention are fairly central and, except for Die Skieven Artchitek (good beers), will be thronged at weekend - most of the others are better as places to hang out than for eating.
      For authentic food, try Friture Rene in Anderlecht - no res, about 6 metro stops from centre or 10 minutes by taxi. If you really want to go local have a beer or three in the local bars where you will probably be the only foreigners.
      Music? - for good jazz and beer either Sounds Jazz Club on rue de la Tulipe or Music Village off Grand Place. Away from the Grand Place area, have a look at either Place Flagey or Place Chatelaine where bars/restaurants attract a more indigenous crowd at weekends.