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Jun 8, 2013 04:29 AM

The bride is vegan bachelorette dinner

We thought we'd go to Vedge but they can't handle a party larger than 6 so we're looking for some place that can and at least has some vegan, but does not have to be all vegan. Any suggestions?

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  1. You might want to check out Adobe Cafe (locations in Roxborough or S. Phila). It is not high profile gourmet like Vedge, but it is above average. The have an extensive vegetarian menu, with plenty of vegan items. I like their seitan fajitas and when I went most recently I had a portabella mushroom burger. At both locations, the spaces can accomodate groups...the website has a private parties section.

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      How big is your party? I'd recommend Cantina Los Caballitos over Adobe, imo the food is much better and they have lots of vegan options.

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        Looks like we're inviting 15. Not sure if all will come or not.
        Also, staying at hotel and going to bars in Rittenhouse.

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      1. How big a group? Do you need a separate room?

        1. Miss Rachel's Pantry in South Philly has a Farmhouse Table -- would be totally private.

          She posted here earlier but the post was deleted by chowhound.

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            Miss Rachel used to work in the kitchen at Vedge, so I imagine she picked up a few things about vegan cooking there.

          2. Morgan's Pier has a good mixed menu - but he weather has to cooperate