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Kathi Roll Express

I am excited about this -tried to go on Friday but there was a long queue
and I had to get back to work quickly.

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  1. This photo on twitter really makes me want one!


    Sounds like it was pretty quiet in there today.

    1. Delicious, unique and a welcome addition to the culinary wasteland that is Yonge and Bloor.

      Every time I have gone it's been very quiet so it's nice to hear they're keeping busy. The portion sizes are not big enough IMO.

      1. My mom used to rave about the ones on Park Street in the Calcutta of her youth. Can't wait to see if they match her taste memory. Years ago I found something similar in Boston but it was gone last time I visited.

        1. Katherine, Yes , I agree , portions are on the smaller side.
          I went yesterday, it wasn't very busy.Maybe on Friday they had a promotion.
          FoodTourist, There are quite a few in Manhattan, NY. I am no longer a meat eater, so I had the Soy roll which was good. There was a lamb roll which looked very appetizing.

          1. Mixed reviews for me. I was there yesterday and tried the chicken seekh kabab roll, single filling size. There were a few people ahead of me, and they might have mixed up an order so there was a bit of a wait. Portion size was small, as the wrap seemed dry in comparison to the filling ratio. Spicing of the meat was good, and the mint/cilantro sauce was really fresh and flavorful. I'd consider getting the double filling next time to balance the dry wrapping.

            1. Had the all veggies offering. Nice layered tastes, and I didn't find the starch part too dry. It was smaller, but I didn't mind it as I'm getting into portion control these days. It still filled the gap.

              1. I am from india and I know taste of indian food. I tried their chicken tikka kebob last week. It was not tender or not fresh. their bread was tasted like a rubber. I enjoyed their mango lassi. I hope owner catch up with real indian flavor.

                1. This is just a couple of blocks from me and usually try to stop in about once a week. I've never been at lunchtime but it's always fairly quiet.

                  I've enjoyed everything but it's a bit inconsistent. The chicken tikka kebob roll was my favourite so far. But ordered it again last week and it was more dry and bland than the first time.

                  Another fave undaa aloo masala roll. I've had it a couple of times and it has been good on both occasions. I've always stuck with the single filling/mumbo size and have found it fairly filling. Also get the combo that includes two small cups of side salads. One is a chick pea and the other is a potato salad. It takes them awhile to get the wraps to together so it's nice to have the salads to start on while waiting.

                  I'm pretty sure the fillings are premade and reheated while the egg is cooked to order. The spicing is interesting but I have nothing to really compare it with. Looking forward to checking out the rest of the menu. Definitely a welcome addition to the neighbourhood.

                  1. Is this the only place in the GTA to get a real kathi roll?

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                      I ate a kati roll (one type only - tandoori chicken) at Saffron Spice Kitchen on Queen West today. Sweet and only mildly spiced even though I requested spicy. Horrible roti. Avoid.

                    2. Any recent reviews? Taking Mom next week for our first visit. Hoping for Calcutta authentic.

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                        I havent been there in a long time because I did not find it very impressive. Not bad either.

                        One more place you can check out is further south on Yonge , on the ground floor where Joe Indian Buffet is located. The name escapes me but that place has chicken tikka and paneer tikka rolls. I had Kotthu roti there and it was good.

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                          I wouldn't say India authentic, but it's pretty good. The rolls have gotten better since they opened, so it's definitely a welcome lunch spot. We've had a couple of nice openings in the last year, come to think of it.

                          They've added butter chicken and butter paneer. Great idea with the weather cooling down. Achari paneer is a bit too bracing in winter.

                          Edit: By better rolls, I mean the actual paratha. It used to be a bit too dry, but the last one I had was great.

                        2. The mutton roll is excellent. A chowfind. Wash it down with nimbu pani.

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                            Is this like the mutton rolls that are common in Sri Lankan take-out spots here in Toronto? Looking at the menu price, they must be immense since the ones I have had are only $1 or so.