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Jun 7, 2013 11:06 PM

The Bison in Banff.....anyone know their beef source?

I had dinner at Bison back in early May....had a beef ribeye which was, arguably, the best steak I`ve ever had in a restaurant; tender & a very beefy flavorburst. After dinner I inquired about where they source their beef & was told it came from a farm in the Lethbridge area. I called the farm but I was told that they only supply the lamb for Bison.

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  1. beef and lamb at a place called "The Bison"

    you ARE begging a question.

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    1. re: hill food

      Have eaten bison many times over the years as we have friends who use "buffalo"to train their cutting horses. I used to buy the infrequent "cull" but I`m not a real fan of bison meat.... we find it a little "gamey"

      1. re: maplesugar

        OK, so I had asked our server who referred me to the Lethbridge farm. Apparently, he was mistaken & yes, I could call The Bison. Thought someone of this forum just might know the source

        1. re: rancher rick

          You could just email them (and get an answer from the Bison's mouth).

          1. re: cancowboy

            sent an email to The Bison yesterday so hope to get a response in this week.
            Thanks to those who have responded to my thread. As I`ve said, I had hoped that someone might have the answer as many restuarants don`t reply to customer inquiries
            The folks at Ewe-Nique Farms did send a very warm response to my inquiry. Sound like good people to do business with if you`re interested in buying organic lamb.

      2. On their menu, the ribeye is 'Carmen Creek Bison'. Their beef is 'Alberta'. Lamb is 'Ewe-neque Farms'

        I found the corresponding websites.

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        1. re: paulj

          You can buy Ewe-nique lamb at the Hoven Farms booth at Kingsland Farmers Market and Community Natural Foods.

        2. Rick, if they are a white table restaurant in Banff product would have to be Federally Inspected or they wouldnt buy it.
          Chances are it was Bouvry, Canadian Rangeland, or Carmen Creek product.