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Jun 7, 2013 08:43 PM

Roti Buns & Gelato at Honey Berry in San Mateo

Wanted some dessert after a recent lunch in San Mateo & Romolo’s was closed (Monday) so a quick search for “ice cream shops San Mateo” yielded Honey Berry at 165 E. 4th Ave.

Couldn’t find a website but did come across a few things including these:

Found some references to it being a franchise operation. Apparently this one opened in December 2012 (has been a couple of different marginally successful bubble tea shops).

The roti buns and gelato sounded good plus they make an affogato. So off we went… Walked in and checked out the gelato selection. Maybe a dozen flavors including hazelnut, coffee and coconut (didn’t really pay attention to the other flavor because when I see coffee ice cream or gelato I home in like a guided missile).

Didn’t want anything huge so ordered an affogato with coffee gelato and a cream cheese yogurt chip roti. We were pleasantly surprised when our order numbers were called. Nice little black tray with stylish white serving dishes/cups. Espresso is served separately from the gelato in its’ own little heart-shaped cup so you can pour it over or just drink it.... Gelato was garnished with 2 Pocky sticks. Roti bun hot, light, fluffy and not too sweet.

The menu includes 3 flavors of roti, several types of of sundae types of things involving thick toast, gelato & fruit and the same with waffles I think plus milk tea/bubble tea.

My order hit the spot for me. I will definitely return…

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  1. roti buns have gone up since their introduction years ago, 1.25 to 1.95

    found a bag of day old cream cheese roti buns (6/$4) recently. warmed them up at home. tasted just like fresh.

    1. in Berkeley:
      2380 Telegraph Ave
      (between Channing Way & Durant Ave)

      in SF:
      1915 Irving St
      (between 21st Ave & 20th Ave)

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      1. re: Cynsa

        honeyberry started out in the south bay selling froyo and roti buns. shops now abound in santa clara, milpitas, san jose, et al. with a new expanded menu.

        some shops don't carry froyo anymores (san mateo). shops are customized to the locality. would guess s.f. location may not carry froyo.

        berkeley's shop is the smallest of them all..

      2. A San Francisco branch of Honey Berry looks about ready to open at 1915 Irving St. (across from T-Pumps) in the Irving St. boba ghetto.

        1. I especially liked getting the espresso separate from the gelato in the affogato. Sipping espresso between bites of gelato before finally combining the two emphasized the contrast between bitter and sweet that I enjoy so much.

          1. The espresso looks nasty in this photo.