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Jun 7, 2013 07:35 PM

Filipino? Any love

What's the best Filipino restaraunt in town?
dont see a lot of buzz....

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  1. I only know of on Filipino restaurant, Lutong Mekeni on University in St. Paul (not that I have searched for others). I haven't tried it yet. I think it's only open on Saturdays. I was actually hoping your post was a review!

    1. There's mention of a Sunday buffet at the Pines Market in Circle Pines, but I haven't had reason to go that far north on a Sunday.

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      1. re: KTFoley

        I just found the Pinoy Brunch in Circle Pines Facebook page and it says no brunch today (June 9), but I think this might be one of the only Pinoy food places in the cities...unless it comes out of your own kitchen! Some pancit and adobo....yum!....OH WAIT...I think I saw some adobo at an Asian grocery store deli...I'll try to remember where and I'll keep looking!

        1. It was Subo, but that went out of business quite some time ago.

          If you are into the food trucks, check out Scratch Food Truck. The chef, Geoff King, is Filipino and the truck usually has food through that prism. I think Geoff also cooked at Subo too.

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          1. re: Db Cooper

            there is a great pix of a roasted pig on their facebook page. Is this served at the restaurant, or just a catering option?

            1. re: stymie

              You'd have to email them as ask. I really don't know. I haven't seen the Scratch truck in a while so not sure if it is still in business or if they are just focused on catering. But when it comes to that type of cuisine, this was the only one that I could think of in this town.

          2. It seems Lutong Mekeni is not serving food due to medical problems (of, I assume, staff?). K-Wok is closed. Pines Market no longer has Filipino brunch. Is there anywhere I can get Filipino food at a sit-down restaurant? I looked at Scratch Food Truck, but the menu isn't really Filipino.

            1. I'm certainly not on expert on Filipino food, but my experience at Lutong Mekeni was average at best. Filipino people take pride in big, bold, bright flavors that pop and are fresh. Although there certainly was a great deal of pride and flash with the chef/owner the food fell well below of even my modest expectations. The chef brought us out 5 small tastes and then asked us what our favorites were. IMO all 5 of the dishes tasted the same, like Chef Boyardee Beefaroni, and then when we informed him of our favorite dish he brought out something completely different.

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              1. re: Letitride

                A lot of Filipino dishes do kind of taste the same. Cheap cuts of meat stewed in varying proportions of soy sauce and vinegar, overcooked vegetables, heavily salted everything ...

                I'm exaggerating (a little), but there isn't a lot of complexity in Filipino food. Still, once in a while, I like to eat it. I can probably get better Filipino food where I live, but I like to see what I can find elsewhere.

                1. re: prasantrin

                  the two Filipino's I know say there isn't much, they still go to Cora's Wings now and then but that seems to be about it.

                  1. re: zfwp

                    Thanks! I looked up Cora's and at seems while it is owned by Filipinos, it doesn't have a lot of Filipino food (more generic Asian). I guess I'll have to stick to my hometown Filipino restaurants for now!

                    1. re: prasantrin

                      What are your hometown Filipino restaurants?

                      1. re: kuan

                        If you're ever in Winnipeg...

                        Casa Mesa (limited menu, limited hours)
                        Juvian's (take out only)
                        Aristocrat (take out only)

                        there are more, but those are the only ones I remember off-hand.

                          1. re: kuan

                            I only wish :-)

                            I used to travel more, not so much now. But I still eat a lot wherever I go.

                            (Winnipeg isn't that far from MSP, and I suspect we have better Filipino and Indian food than MSP does, and maybe better Vietnamese, too. Depending on how much of a craving you have, it can be worth the trip! I go to MSP for Middle Eastern and Mexican..And Al's Breakfast!)