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Jun 7, 2013 07:27 PM

Family trip to MD and DC (Mpls foodie)

My DH and 2 kids (2y and 6y) are arriving Thurs afternoon for a wedding in Annapolis. Looking for family friendly but quality options. We need breakfast and lunch options in Annapolis and then dinner in DC near'ish to crystal city. I know this is vague, but throw out some favorite kid friendly (not kid centric) options and we'll be happy campers;)

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Jaleo for Spanish tapas in Crystal City. Casual but not cheap. Get the quail with rosemary sauce, patatas bravas, and the mini-hamburguesa. Almost all the verduras are very good, especially asparagus with romesco and spinach with raisins. and they have everything from chicken to shrimp to small sausages that kids might love.

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    1. re: Steve

      Jaleo is a great choice if the CC location (which I haven't been to in years) is comparable to the one downtown. Alternatively, you could go to Ray's to the Third for excellent burgers, steaks, milkshakes, etc.

      For Thursday or Friday lunch in Annapolis, choice is easy: Vin 909 -- but try to call ahead for reservations.

      1. re: Marty L.

        The Crystal City location of Jaleo is preferable. The food quality is sky high, it's quieter, easy to get a table, and parking is free and plentiful nights and weekends.

        Oh how I love that last part.

    2. Ruth and Chick's Deli in Annapolis for lunch, famous place, good food!

      1. For breakfast or lunch in Annapolis, I'd recommend Metro Silver Diner - it's a bit outside of the downtown area, but well worth it. You could also try Sofie's Crepes, down by the harbor and right outside the Naval Academy Gate.

        There's an excellent ice cream shop downtown - Annapolis Ice Cream Company. Everything they serve is made in store and is positively wonderful.

        1. I agree with the Annapolis Ice Cream company for dessert. Some other options for lunch closer to downtown are:

          1. Ramshead Tavern on West St off of Church circle
          2. Joss Sushi on Main St (my kids used to get chicken katsu before they liked sushi)

          For breakfast, I second the Silver Diner as a good choice as is Naval Bagels (no seating) or "Bagels and...." (seating)

          If you have extra time around Annapolis and you've done the sightseeing thing (State house, Paca house, docks), you could stop by a sub shop or grocery to get a picnic and drive over to Quiet Waters park for a picnic. There's a good playground and if you drive to the end, a really pleasant walk down to the shores of the South river.

          1. Regina's in West Annapolis is a nice little spot for breakfast. Galway Bay normally has brunch, and lunch as well, and is family friendly. Ruth and Chick's deli is a good option if you are downtown. Ramshead is family friendly, but I don't like it as much. I like Potato Valley, but they have limited hours and menu.