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Jun 7, 2013 07:18 PM

Romantic spot for lunch date tomorrow?

We have a sudden opportunity for a lunch date tomorrow. Sad to admit, but this will practically be our first date sans kids in three years. Any suggestions for a romantic spot for a Saturday lunch in the South End, Back Bay, Brookline, or kind of near those spots to save a ton of travel time? Any cuisine is fine, just looking for a nice spot to chat. Thanks!

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  1. if money isn't an object, L'Espalier is always my first choice for a lovely, long, luxurious lunch. If you aren't looking for that much of an investment in time and money, La Voile does a nice lunch. Cognac Bistro in Brookline isn't a gorgeous locale but lunch is very good and you can hear each other and talk over some really good onion soup and oysters. Fireplace Grill also has very good lunch menus though on Saturday they may do brunch so I'm not sure if they segue from that into lunch..

    1. The Abbey in Brookline!

      Gaslight in the South End too!

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        honestly, I find the food at the Abbey underwhelming though I like the outside tables. And Gaslight is on the "too noisy" list for me.