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Jun 7, 2013 06:04 PM

Takoyaki mix, instructions in Japanese

I bought two 200-gm packages of takoyaki mix, and the instructions are in Japanese. Everything is, except for the part that said it contained 200 grams. Does anybody have any acquaintance with that kind of mix, and know what to add to it to make takoyaki batter for the electric takoyaki pan I also got?
I'm not sure if I should add milk, water, add an egg, I only know that the first time I try it I'm probably not going to put the octopus piece in the middle.

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  1. I've had that same problem and I used the measurements from this site with good results.

    1. I haven't used the takoyaki mix before (I just make the batter from scratch) but the link gmm provided looks like the right proportions.

      I have made them many times at home and just wanted to add that you should definitely make sure to grease the takoyaki pan pretty generously and have patience. It took me several dozen tries to start making full spheres instead of sad little blobs leaking batter everywhere. Even the misshapen ones are tasty though.

      Personally, I like to have a little something in the takoyaki. If you don't like octopus, try a bit of hotdog, shrimp, seasoned tofu, chicken, or even bacon or porkbelly.

      If you want to find other ways to use your takoyaki pan, go sweet and make mini ableskivers filled with jam, chocolate or fruit!

      Hope you enjoy your takoyaki adventures!

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      1. re: greymalkin

        we'd be ever so grateful and forever indebted to you, if you'd share your recipe for takoyaki, please, please, please? any photos of your takoyaki? Do you make your own sauce?

        Thank you for the link!
        I'd really given up hope, I am now so envious!

        1. re: Cynsa

          No photos, alas, as takoyaki is not the most photogenic of foods, but I'd be happy to share my recipes. However two big notes- I tend to eat low sodium, so they are adapted to accommodate that. I make my dashi from scratch to cut down on the added sodium, but you can totally use the instant dashi packets if you like (I wish I could!). Also I sometimes make this for friends who are vegetarian so my sauce is vegetarian and I have lots of notes on vegetarian mods.

          I hope this works for you, if it doesn't, I'd be happy to try to help you troubleshoot it if I can. It took me lots of tries to get it even halfway right so don't get discouraged when the first few tries look more like failed scrambled eggs. :)

          This was posted after I figured out my own recipe but the instructions are very good and detailed with some troubleshooting tips.

          Makes 31

          550g (~2 1/2 cups) dashi broth (if vegetarian, make dashi with only kombu, no bonito flakes or use very diluted veggie broth
          )210g (~1 2/3 cup) all purpose flour
          2 eggs

          Tako (octopus), cooked and cubed OR block of flavored baked or smoked tofu, cut into 1/2" cubes.
          Beni shoga (red ginger- the deep red matchstick-like kind) (optional)
          Green onion (optional)

          Sauce (see below)

          Optional toppings:
          green seaweed flakes/powder
          dried bonito flakes (not vegetarian)
          kewpie mayo

          Mix up batter ingredients. Heat up takoyaki pan. Grease pan. Pour batter into each little well.

          Place a piece of tofu or tako and just a very few pieces of ginger or green onion (if using) in each well of batter. Wait until outside has firmed up and started to release from the pan, but the inside is still mostly liquid. Using two bamboo skewers (I use fondue forks but my takoyaki pan is cast iron), carefully flip the tako yaki over so that the uncooked batter pours into the well and the cooked dough forms a little dome over the top of the well (this is how it turns into a little ball). This takes lots of practice. While her recipe is a bit more involved than mine, I found this video helpful (start at about the 2:06 mark)

          Once they are nice and golden all the way around, but the inside is still moist, remove and brush with sauce. Garnish with additional toppings if you want.

          Vegetarian Takoyaki Sauce (the bottled kind usually has meat extracts in it
          )50g catsup
          1/2 cup kombu dashi (or vegetarian broth, very diluted)
          2 T reduced sodium soy sauce (or regular)
          2 T mirin
          1 T rice vinegar
          1 T brown sugar, loosely packed
          1/4 t powdered ginger (optional)
          1/4 t japanese prepared mustard (optional)
          4 drops chili sesame oil (optional)

          Put all ingredients except the chili oil in a sauce pan and bring to a boil over medium heat stirring occasionally.

          Reduce to a simmer for 10-15 minutes until it thickens up and becomes syrupy. Remove from the heat and stir in chili oil. Taste for seasoning. Adjust with extra sugar, vinegar or seasonings until it is how you like it. Set aside until takoyaki are ready.

      2. If you took a picture of the instructions a number of people could help translate it for you. Never made takoyaki myself, but a lot of batters here already include eggs and/or milk, usually there is a little picture of a pitcher of milk or eggs if you need to add them. Might just need to add water, but hard to know for sure without seeing the package. If you even have the brand name it might help narrow it down a bit. Will look a the grocery store tomorrow and see what most of them need if its not too late.

        1. I appreciate all the help, and actually found some instructions in English on the site where I bought the mix ( Shoulda thought of that first, but it really seems to have paid off with recipes and suggestions for making my own takoyaki batter, for which I thank you all.
          And thanks, greymalkin, for the suggestion. Maybe a smoked oyster or shrimp or a little cube of fried tofu!

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            Smoked oyster?? That's inspired! I will have to try that. Great idea!