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Jun 7, 2013 05:58 PM

Anyone been to Mon K Patisserie, on Coxwell south of O'Connor?

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  1. The grand open was today. I plan on going Friday morning with a couple of friends. A good friend told me that she did a side by side comparison of Mon K and Rahier pain au chocolate and Mon K was the clear winner. Flaky, buttery and far more chocolate. And I heard from someone else that the macarons are great.
    I will report back after I try them out myself.

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    1. re: cheesymama

      Please do! Looking forward to your report!

    2. Went there this morning and it was great! Nice ambiance with some neat decor such as whisk lighting and and a door as the lower front of a counter.
      There were a few of us so I got to try a few different things and they were all really, really good. My favourite was their danish filled with custard and fruit - we tried both the blueberry and strawberry and they were fantastic. Also got to try their croissant, almond chocolate croissant and a coffee eclair. You could taste the butter in the pastries, they were light and flaky, very high quality ingredients were used to make this stuff.
      They also serve coffee and tea, but no espresso based drinks. The coffee was a nice, solid cup of coffee.
      I wish they had proper dish ware for those who are eating in (they have 4 tables for 2). Hopefully that's coming, currently everything is in takeaway packaging.
      Their tarts and macarons looked great. Some of the tarts were also sold by the slice as well as a few individual desserts. They also had sandwiches made on their croissants and 2 flavours of quiche that looked tempting. Prices were quite reasonable for the quality.
      I paid under $10 for 2 coffees and 2 breakfast pastries. Whole tarts (6 inch would be my guess) were around $20.
      The owners were very friendly and kindly answered all of our questions. I will be back soon!
      If you ever find yourself in the area a visit to Mon K is a necessity!

      1. i picked up a butter croissant, an almond croissant, a cream puff and a cup of coffee for just under $10. the croissant was delicious, not as flaky as pain perdu but equally as nice and buttery. the cream puff was pretty good, the cream/custard filling is lovely, the pastry tasted great but maybe lacked a little in texture. i'm currently doing my best not to devour the almond croissant but it's calling my name, i give it another half hour before i dive in. the coffee was a nice, strong cup of drip, very respectable. worth a visit for sure.

        1. Stopped in yesterday - picked up pain au chocolate, an almond croissant, 2 macarons (salted caramel, pistachio), and custard tart topped with blueberry.

          First off, space is fantastic... airy, fresh, and welcoming.

          The almond croissant was large, flakey, buttery and airy. The almond paste was not too sweet. It was very very good. I immediately wanted another one.

          Same goes for the pain au chocolate. The pastry was also airy, flakey and buttery. Chocolate was delicious. Overall, it was very nice and didn't stick around long.

          The macarons were okay. Not bad at all... but I think I preferred the pastries.

          The tart was a gift for a neighbor (so I didn`t try it myself) but I understand it was very delicious. The fruit looked very fresh

          The owners were very nice and appreciative of the business. They only take cash right now, they are in the process of getting a debit machine. (Bring cash!!)

          They also had some fresh breads, savoury tarts (quiches?), and other desserts. Oh, and there was a chocolate and almond croissant that I would be interested in trying... Definitely will stop in again when I am in the neighborhood.

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          1. re: Apple

            Wow, this sounds great. I definitely will head over.

            It's amazing to me how much that stretch of Coxwell has changed. I always thought of it as kind of low-rent, dictated only by EYCI students' demand. But "the Drive" has been gone for a while now, so I guess things really do change.

            1. re: Apple

              I just returned from enjoying a chocolate almond croissant at Mon K. Delicious, tastes even better than it looks! And I had my coffee in a mug today. Maybe they had them last visit and we just didn't notice, but today we were asked if we would like a mug as opposed to take away cup.
              We also shared a slice of quiche between 3 of us just to give it a try. It was flavourful and creamy. I will definitely be having it again!

            2. With such great driving weather, I decided to take a LONG trip down from Richmond Hill to pay Mon K a special visit this morning!.

              Like so many chowhounders before me, my selection of Croissants, for comparison with the Rahier, Thuet and Jules...etc, were also the Almond and Pain au Chocolate. For the Almond version, i would like to echo the same observation and sentiment by 'Apple'. It was indeed buttery, flaky and airy with generous not-overly sweet filling ( see photo ). Unfortunately, both ends of the pastry were burnt causing some bitter after taste. This 'overcook' also caused these end parts to be too chewy. A slight miss!
              As for the Pain au Chocolate, I too agree totally with cheesymama's friends comparison with Rahier's. Not only the pastry part was good, the chocolate used for the filling was really exceptional! Complex and flavorful, a clear winner!!

              The same accolade however cannot be said about Mon K's tarts and cakes!! :(
              Established outfits like Jules or Rahier are definitely better in this area! For one, the shells, be it short bread crust or puff pastry lacked the taste and aroma of butter, big time!! Rahier is definitely head and shoulder above when it comes to pastry shells.
              Attracted by its 'cute' look, I too bought the fruit and custard eclair, which was different and good.
              However, the orange and Dark chocolate truffle tart was way too sweet, almost at par with the likewise, overly sweet pastries, of 'La Cigogne'.
              For a little bit more butter in the puff pastry, the Apple tart would have been perfect! In its current form, the pastry was light and flaky, the apple nicely seasoned and crisp but again, the pastry is just not aromatic enough due to the lack of butter used.
              Berry custard tart again was inferior to Rahier's and Jule's. The tart shell was crumbly, lack of taste and definitely not up to snuff!

              As a neighborhood French pastry shop, Mon K would definitely be a nice welcoming addition. However, as a special destination for tarts and cakes, I will not make a special trip from up north to get them since better products can be had closer in places around the Bayview, Mt. Pleasant and Eglington area.

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              1. re: Charles Yu

                We finally made the long trek to try Mon K as well. Cute little place. We purchased over $40 worth of cakes, pastries and macarons and I regret spending my money "here." I guess Rahier has spoiled me.

                The croissants were indeed buttery and flaky, but they just don't have that "Wow" factor. Good, but nothing special enough for me to say, I wish I had another one. I thought the blueberry danish was more "bread like." The cream puff was very nice and different. The donuts were very disappointing; the tiny little "smear" of chocolate in mine was quite insulting!!

                The green tea and mango cake had too much mango mousse that I could barely make out or taste the green tea sponge. The opera cake was horrible. It was soaked and I mean literally soaked with coffee syrup to the point it was a wet mess at my first bite.

                The macarons as I read were a true disappointment and I don't know what possessed me to buy 6. A few of them were under baked and soggy, a huge NO NO and I can't understand how they could possible sell them? I also personally find the cakes are overpriced and pastries are tiny!

                Coffee was okay, if you like it warm, strong and bitter!

                Parking is right outside, but you literally have to drive in and park at an angle and I found it quite unsafe to back out right into the road.

                As Charles commented, not worth the trek. I will definitely stick to the pastry shops along Bayview Avenue and the downtown core.

                1. re: red dragon

                  I'm so glad I can walk there just for the fact that I don't have to do the scary angled parking! Whew.