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Unique recipes or uses for tzatziki?

Aside from the traditional gyros, lamb or souvlaki, do you have any favorite uses for tzatziki?

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  1. I LOVE a good tzatziki! Great on salmon burgers or hot-smoked salmon. I like to dip just about anything in it, especially roasted shrimp, carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, corn chips, breadsticks, pretzels. I have skewered grape tomatoes and red onion (squarish) slices on toothpicks, with and without various deli meats, and dipped in tzatziki - yummy! Last summer I made a sandwich with peppered bacon and garden tomatoes with tzatziki, and I can hardly wait for my tomatoes to come in this summer. I also plan to try it with fried green tomatoes.

    1. yutz it up with chutney or in a tandoori use.

      1. Sometimes we add the tzatziki directly into ground lamb for burgers.

        Thinned out with some light cream or half and half makes a nice dressing for grilled lamb chops.

        Mostly we use it as a vegetable dip or sandwich spread.

        1. Left over souvlaki gets mixed up with veg and tzatziki for a great salad in a pita.

          1. I serve with my mint and feta lamb burgers. So good

            I often have it on hand for quick snack with some veggies. Its also a great dip for kale chips, toasted pitas and even potato chips.

            It's really good on top of a baked potato or whipped into mashed ones.

            My brother prefers it over cocktail sauce for grilled/roasted shrimp cocktail.

            1. I love it as dip for just about anything -- veggie, meat or carb.

              It's great on a baked potato instead of sour cream, dressing or cheese.

              My husband uses it as a salad dressing -- just a small teaspoon of it adds a lot of flavor and creaminess for very little fat or calories.

              And if you make mujaddara, it's a great topping for it instead of yogurt.

              1. this may sound gross.. but I like it stirred in with leftover brown rice

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                  I don't see how that could possibly be gross. I've eaten that - with white rice, not brown - many times and have enjoyed it immensely. Rice is bland, tzatziki is wonderful. How can they not go together?

                2. I've made popsicles in tzatziki flavor. You do need to overseason them because the temperature makes the flavors taste more muted, and they have better texture if you use full fat, drained yogurt. Also get as much water out of the cucumber as you can.

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                    What a creative idea, Melanie. Did you serve them as an appetizer?

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                      I had to find my old post to remember what I did. Here's the full list of flavors.

                      I'd been invited to a wine tasting and dinner party and planned to bring paletas as dessert. Then I learned from the hostess that she had a whizbang dessert planned and actually needed an appetizer. So I made the sweet items and also savory ones to be served in the break between the formal tasting presentation and dinner. One of the other dinner guests was so happy with the popsicle tasting, a few weeks later, a copy of the cookbook was delivered to me as a thank you gift.

                  2. I love topping mujadarra and other vegetarian grain/legume recipes with tzatziki. Definitely my most common usage of it.