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Jun 7, 2013 05:29 PM

My birthday dinner Cape Cod

Ok, going back to the Cape this year for my 50th. Last year we dined at The Red Pheasant and it was just ok. Thinking Ocean House this year but I am open to your suggestions. Would like a more formal/casual sit down place, not a joint. Cotuit Regatta is closed I see. We are staying at the B & B in Centerville again so around that way give or take would be great. Thanks!

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  1. Not quite "casual" but what about the Chatham Bars Inn? We went to a b-day celebration there a few years back and the meal was quite good, very pretty spot. A little generic (it is a hotel) but service was impeccable.

    1. I'm confused about the formal/casual designation. Ocean House is excellent. Nice ocean view (before dark), professional service, and terrific food. One of the better options here on the sand bar. Chatham Bars is nice, but if you're springing for that fare, I'd go all-out and go to 28 Atlantic at the Wequasett Inn in Harwich. Easily the best restaurant on the Cape. Expensive, elegant, drop-dead gorgeous view and setting, and first-rate in every way. Not at all casual, however, but a perfect place to truly celebrate a milestone birthday.

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        CCG, 28 Atlantic looks very nice, I'm sure you have to dress, is it jacket and tie? Do they happen to have live jazz there or anywhere on the Cape have live jazz? We will definitely go to Ocean House this time. I meant to say formal or casual for the type of restaurant. Thanks!!!

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          Harvest Wine Bar in Dennis Village often has jazz. This is my go to spot for nice wine, art and an amazing music scene.

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          I just made a 7pm reservation at 28 Atlantic! I'm excited!

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            Excellent! As far as I know, there isn't a single restaurant on the Cape that requires a tie. Sad that so few dress for dinner these days. You'll definitely feel comfortable with a jacket and dress shirt, though. I don't think they have music. There's live Jazz at the Roadhouse in Hyannis and also Friday nights at Grand Cru at the Cape Codder in Hyannis. Not sure which nights so call ahead.

            We found a GREAT find last week and saw an excellent Latin Jazz show with the performer known as Romero. Small intimate setting in Dennisport at the local TV studio. They stream the performances on the net. Admission is only $25. They even set up a small bar and provide wine at n/c. Here's a link: The music varies and the schedule is erratic, but it's a great night out:


            Enjoy and report back!

        3. I believe that the Regatta on route 28 has re-opened.

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            Yes? That's great news, although it might be prudent to give them some time to get their 'land legs' underneath them.

            1. re: CapeCodGuy

              Let me revise my statement. It looked like they are in the process of re-opening when I drove by last weekend. There were landscapers working and a few vehicles in the lot.

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                I saw that a few days ago and thought it was the old owners as the site says "copyright 2004". But you are correct. Here's a recent CCT article.


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                    It has a long history of great fine dining. I always liked the old Captain's House it's housed in also. Not sure about the new head chef, as the food at the Barnstable House was never very good, and the Old Yarmouth Inn not much better, but I'm hopeful. The menu looks intriguing, albeit rather pricey, almost to 28 Atlantic levels.

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                Chillingsworth lives off it's reputation from 30 years ago, and is certainly not a place to celebrate such a milestone event like a 50th birthday. Just my opinion but the OP can do far better.

                1. re: CapeCodGuy

                  Had a mediocre/ok meal at C'worth..the place was drab, run down and well, nothing's hey day is over IMHO. Go to 28 Atlantic and if not, Ocean House or Fin (upstairs corner table by the stairs)...

              2. So, how was your birthday dinner?