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Jun 7, 2013 02:34 PM

Thai Chicken Pizza

I'm looking for a good Thai Chicken Pizza. With ingredients similar to this: Some sort of peanut sauce with a little kick, chicken, carrots, green onions, bean sprouts, maybe some zucchini.

I am hoping someone can help me find some good options. I know that California Pizza Kitchen has one (mediocre and there is only one in MG now), the Roasted Pear had a pretty good one, but only at the Burnsville location and that isn't very convenient for me, and I know Galactic Pizza has one but I haven't been able to try it yet, mainly because I don't live anywhere near the delivery area and whenever I think about stopping it's early evening and busy in that neighborhood and never any parking.

I would appreciate some new ideas.


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  1. Pizza Luce has this:

    Thai Pizza
    A fresh and delicious pizza topped with red onion, snow peas, carrot, fresh jalapeño, peanuts, mozzarella and Thai greens (shredded basil, cilantro and lettuce tossed in our Thai sauce). Finished with your choice of chicken or tofu.

    Not my cup of tea, but maybe you'll dig it.

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    1. re: St3ve

      Have ordered this a couple of times now and have enjoyed it each time. Fairly rich, but quite good.

      It's on their seasonal menu, so not sure how long it'll be around.

    2. Perhaps you've already thought of it, and it is a chain, but California Pizza Kitchen has an excellent Thai Chicken pizza. I won't go so far that their's is either the first or the best, but I think it's darned good stuff. I was sad to see the one at Southdale close, but there's one at Maple Grove.

      Disclaimer - I never been to the Maple Grove location, and haven't had CPK since the Southdale one closed, so can't speak to their recent quality, but over the years that I have gone to CPK (California and MN), they're quality was always very good.

      I've had the Luce one, and it comes down to personal preference - I think CPK's is league's better than Luce, but I know Luce has it's supporters too.

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      1. re: foreverhungry

        I have tried CPKs version and do like it. I live fairly close to the MG location so it's not too out of my way. I miss the Edina spot because it was close to work and that's usually when I want it. Thanks for the suggestion.

      2. galactic's is definitely the best I have had, and usually I am a traditionalist. I also really, really like their hawaiian which has sliced fresh jalapeño's on it which makes the pizza happen... I'm only a last resort fan of pizza luce in general, but if I have to, I always ask for the thin crust instead of the crust sponge that is per usual.

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        1. re: mitch cumstein

          I finally tried Galactic's version last Friday and I agree....really the best so far. The sauce was really flavorful and the toppings perfect. I might even ask for extra sauce next time.

          I also got an order of the Spin/Artichoke dip and that was really good too.

        2. Eden Pizza on Aldine a few blocks below Minnehaha in the Midway area of St. Paul has one ... but I cannot vouch for it. I'm not a fan of their pizza in general though.

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          1. I'm not a huge fan of this type of pizza, but if you are Psycho Suzi's has a rendition on their pizza menu.