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Sonoya Japanese Ramen - First Markham Place

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Located a few steps from Ding Tai Fung, this newly opened Ramen place shared the same owner as 'Kenzo'! Its presence must a welcoming sight for those chowhounders who live up north and would like to savor a decent bowl of Ramen once in a while!
After yesterday's hefty Spot Prawns Chowmeet, I decided to have a late lunch with something less oily. A bowl of Tonkatsu Ramen at Sonoya seems to fit the bill.
Similar in quality to Kenzo's, the Ramen was chewy firm, the broth creamy and tasty and the eggs perfectly cooked. Only slight downside was the 'too thickly sliced and a bit tough', Char Siu. For meat lovers, you are in luck!! Their 4-5 thick slices per bowl was more than generous in my opinion!
Santouka is still my favorite Ramen place in town. However, for $4 less and 20 minutes less in driving, I do not mind staying uptown for this occasionally?!!

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  1. LOL comeon Charles, you know how they make the broth! It's not a light lunch after your chow meet gorge!!! ;) How do you rate shogun vs Niwatei vs sonoya?

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      Calorie wise its not too bad. Especially if one skim off the lard. The salt could be the actual killer!!

      I would rate Shogun and Sonoya about the same. Niwatei's broth was a bit too salty for my taste. Too stingy on the meat. Haven't been back for a while. Prefer the Yakitori next door!