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Jun 7, 2013 01:54 PM

searching for Upper Bucks restaurant inspiration

My parents live in upper Bucks County, and I'm always looking for gift ideas for them. Restaurant gift cards are something my mom appreciates, but I'm stuck on ideas in the Doylestown / Souderton / Quakertown area.

Here's the big problem: I'm looking for fresh, good quality food but nothing too exotic. While Maize in Perkasie and Honey in Doylestown would be fun for me, my mom would have a tough time finding options she'd like on their menus. Then she'd lament the high cost of the meal.

Can anyone recommend simple, tasty, not-too-pricey restaurant options in upper Bucks County?

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  1. Here are a few options to consider:

    1. Waterwheel in Doylestown Good not great food nice setting just outside of doylestown.

    2. Plumsteadville Inn... reopened about 18 months ago. I have had some nice food there, and some ordinary food there. My aunt and uncle from the midwest dined there a few months ago and it was fine.

    3. Ottsville Inn Further North off of 611,, generally good continental food

    4. Center Bridge Inn base of bridge to Stockton. Often have lobster special dinners in the summer

    5. Black Bass - love the location, not in love with the food. Its good not great

    6. Golden Pheasant - Recently redone, hearing good things about the food.

    All of these places are more traditional type inns, and not haute cuisine like Honey and Maize. I think your parents might enjoy them. I probably would suggest either Waterwheel or Ottsville.

    1. Not a restaurant, but O Wow Cow is really great for dessert (or for an ice cream dinner, once in a while)! They will prepare a gift certificate and mail it, if you call and ask them.

      More local info here:

      1. Washington House
        Arielle's Country Cafe
        Down To Earth cafe (though maybe a bit more casual than you're looking for).

        Just a couple ideas.

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        1. re: JohnnyKBar

          The Washington House has solid American food with seasonal menus. Last year my sister gave us a gold gift card which covered dinner for 2: apps, entrees, desserts, a bottle of wine and included the tip. I don't really remember what I ate there, but I do recall I enjoyed it.

          It's also just next door to the Sellersville Theater, if you want to pop for dinner and a show.

          ETA: I just checked their web site and that gold card was just $125--definitely a bargain. No dishes or wines were restricted from the deal.

          1. re: gaffk

            While the Washington House has decent food, the majority of the time there is a performance going on next door, and a large percentage of the people in the dining room are all rushing to get through their meal. I have found eating during this time compromises the quality of the food, and the dining experience.

            They do have some nice appetizers, and if you eat at the bar, you can get a small steak with potatoes for 16 dollars. Petite Filet Of Beef (4 oz) With Roasted Basil Fingerling Potatoes with tarragon aioli & balsamic reduction . Overall I do not find the food as good as with Waterwheel or Ottsville.

        2. These options look great. Thanks, everyone! I love having a variety of casual and fancier options.

          On the casual end, has anyone been to Hickory Kitchen in Doylestown? I came across their menu earlier and don't know anything about it.

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          1. re: pbplus

            Yes Hickory Kitchen is a small bbq/ comfort food restaurant in the heart of Doylestown. Great smoked chicken salad, biscuits and so forth. Its right next to Lilly's and across the street from Honey's. I prefer it for takeout rather than eat in.

            1. re: cwdonald

              Have you been to Jesse's in souderton cwdonald? Was interested in how the two compare?

              1. re: givemecarbs

                I have not. For BBQ in greater Doylestown my go to places are Dancing Pig in Dublin, Big Bob's BBQ in Blooming Glen (saturdays only) or Oink Johnsons, a roadside bbq place on 611 near Pipersville. I need to hit Jesse's one of these days. I think of Hickory Kitchen more as down home comfort food. I prefer going there for breakfast or for a sandwich. Hickory Kitchen has a much broader menu than Jesse's appears to have.

                1. re: cwdonald

                  Apologies for the threadjacking, but has anyone tried the new BBQ place in Stockton Market? We quite liked Mighty Quinn but they're no longer there, so we're searching for a new go-to BBQ place.

                  1. re: msiangal

                    I haven't. I do know that I got an email from the market saying that whoever runs the Q up there is not there this week (at least on Friday).

                    1. re: msiangal

                      Ron who ran Quinn's for the year plus is still running the BBQ at the market just under a new name. Its called "more than Q". They have more seasonal and local side dishes and run specials every weekend. They do friday nights after labor day through memorial day just like when he was doing Quinn's.

                      1. re: mombaker247

                        Mom thanks for the update. Looking forward to trying their product.

                        1. re: mombaker247

                          That's great news, thanks! I think a trip to Stockton Market might be on our agenda this weekend. :-)

                      2. re: cwdonald

                        Thanks cwdonald. If you go to Jesse's they are closed sundays and mondays and they do run out of things. At least that is what their sign says.
                        Whenever John and I drive past their parking lot looks packed. There are two bbq places in Lansdale, Uncle Greg's and a place on walnut street but I still miss Smoke Daddy. /sigh

                2. Just across the bridge from the Center Bridge Inn is the Stockton Inn which also has good standard fare in an old hotel with a lovely courtyard for alfresco dining. In Lambertville just across the Delaware from New Hope is The Hamilton Grill Room offering good steaks and seafood in a rustic setting, be aware it is hidden back a small dirt driveway most townies can direct you.