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Labor Day Lunch near Logan

Friends are dropping us off for an international flight. We want to take them for a nice lunch. It will be on monday, 2 September, Labor Day! What, if anything, is open, good, and easy to get to Logan after(Eastie, North End, what have you)? Thanks!

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  1. Might want to call Rincon Limeno in Eastie, great Peruvian.

    1. Rinos in East Boston has really good Italian. I'm not sure if they'll be open Labor Day. http://www.rinosplace.com/

      1. Thinking about Labor Day makes me sad... Summer hasn't even started!


        Southie is very convenient to the airport so add all those places to the list

        1. Rino's opens late on mondays. Keep 'em coming!

          1. Belle Isle could work if it's open. The new space is quite nice.

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            1. Belle Isle would also be my choice . Have everyone order something different, put it all in the center of the table and share. I think you would enjoy that.

              1. I looked up Belle Isle. No alcohol. Is it byob?

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                  They've got beer and wine now in the new location.

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                    boston as a city does not allow byob, regardless of whether a place has a license.

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                      That said, the new Belle Isle is not in Boston.

                      But it's still not BYOB, because as mentioned, it has beer and wine.

                      And Winthrop might not allow BYOB either.

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                      Why do you need allochol to have a good time with friends?

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                        You mean besides the fact that beer is delicious?

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                          Ugh, Needing and wanting are two different things. By your logic, they don't really *need* a restaurant, either.

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                            Well; glad we're past that. Something convenient to Airport and nice for good friends, open for lunch on Labor Day?

                      2. Surprised at the choices. We were looking for something "nice". Perhaps tablecloths? Open on Labor Day? All rec's appreciated.

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                          You asked for nice places to eat. Thats what you got. That just goes to show that people see things differently at times.

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                            Pasta Beach in the Boston Harbor Hotel has to be open - there's discounted parking right underneath it, and great pizza and pasta. About 10-15 minutes from Logan.

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                              they're not actually part of the hotel... just a tenant.

                          2. Warren Tavern in Charlestown! Parking, great burgers, old Boston feel!

                            1. How about Sam's? Great views, good food, and opentable says it's open on Labor Day. Easy to get to Logan, too.

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                                  scampo also has easy access to 93 for the airport.

                              1. Legal's Harborside, Daily Catch, Sam's, Trade, Temazcal - if you stay in the harbor/northern ave area the airport is an easy hop - Legal's provides a good parking deal as well.