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Jun 7, 2013 12:49 PM

Asian Grocer in SGV with the 'freshest' produce?

Are certain Asian grocery stores known for their fresh produce? The ones I've gone into seem to be hit or miss with the freshness of their product. I'm planning to hit Arcadia Supermarket today, but would go elsewhere if there's a better spot (I'm on the hunt for lemongrass, eggplant, and thai basil)... to name a few.

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  1. Update: Well, I gave Arcadia Supermarket (Duarte/Baldwin) a shot and I was impressed! They have a huge fresh produce section that was very well stocked. Lots of fresh and fragrant herbs (much more fragrant than western markets), tons of produce (that looked great!), and affordable prices. Quick and friendly checkout made shopping a breeze. I'm hooked!

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      I like them too, but the 99 Ranch at Duarte and Golden West is closer, about as good and a lot easier to deal with parking-wise. I do need to give Arcadia another look, though.

      One thing I'm liking about 99 Ranch is that there are many packaged alternatives to bulk items, such as pea shoots, that are thoroughly cleaned and picked over for a bit more money. I don't really mind that people have been pawing through the bulk ones - everything washes off, within reason - but having to rinse three times just for grit is a PITA I can do without.

    2. one time i was standing in line for shinsengumi and i noticed this store right next to it.

      could be worth a look. i remember that they did have mangosteens and plenty of jackfruit... but i've never tried jackfruit so i couldn't tell if it was good or not. i don't even know if either of them are in season right now.

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      1. re: kainzero

        you had me at mangosteens!!!!! What time of year were you there? do you recall?

        1. re: kainzero

          Is that in the same complex as 888 and Banh Mi Che Cali? I can always use an excuse to drive over there …

        2. "freshest"?

          Green Shower Organic Farm, usually picked previous day, sometimes even same day.

          As far as lemongrass/Asian basils go -- grow your own. Doesn't get fresher/cheaper than that.

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          1. re: TonyC

            Thanks for the link!

            And, I definitely dream of the day I'll have my own herb garden. Soon, hopefully, soon!

            1. re: TonyC

              Thanks for this tip, Tony.

              We visited this past weekend. Greenshower is quite amazing. Where else are you going to get pesticide-free A-vegetable that has been harvested just hours earlier?

              Unless you grow your own, the answer is nowhere except Greenshower, that's where. Organic Chinese veggies are a true anomaly in LA (and thus probably everywhere.)

              Their website is not up to date. Confirmed as of yesterday, the farm store is open Saturday mornings until 1pm, and then again on Sunday from 1:00pm-6:00pm. Most vegetables are $2.50/lb. They don't have too much fruit right now, but will have melons & more later in the summer.

              Also, they have other vendors selling things like medicinal teas, frozen dumplings/XLB and boba drinks. The lady selling the goji berry tea was ridiculously friendly, and laobanyan Lisa was earnest and justifiably proud of what she has built.

              Here's the list of available vegetables. If you call ahead, they will prepare your order for you and keep it in the fridge until you arrive. This is copy/pasted from their order form so the mis-transliterations and translations are not mine.

              包心菜 Cabbage
              空心菜 On Choy
              韭菜 Chinese Chive
              地瓜葉 Yam Leaf
              青江菜 Pak Choy
              青江苗 Baby Pak Choy
              小白菜 Baby Buk Choy
              A 菜 A Choy
              紅莧菜 Red Spinach
              小茼蒿 Tarragon
              大茼蒿 Tarragon
              油菜 Yu Choy
              油菜花 Yu Choy Flower
              菠菜 Spinach
              芥藍菜 Gailan
              雪理紅 Shen Li Hon
              唐芹 Chinese Celery
              矮腳白菜 Buk Choy
              紫地瓜葉 Purple Yam Leaf
              木耳菜 Mu_Er
              龍鬚菜 Chayote
              秋葵 Okra
              韭菜花 Chinese ChiveFlower
              烤地瓜 Grill Sweet Yam
              南瓜 Pumpkin
              黃瓜 Cucumber
              冬瓜 Whiter Melon
              苦瓜 Bitter Gourd
              台灣絲瓜 Taiwan Silky Gourd
              水蘿蔔 Radish
              茴香 Fennel
              茄子 Eggplant
              青椒 Green Pepper
              紫椒 Purple Pepper
              甜菜 Beet
              青蔥 Green Onion
              大蒜 Garlic
              辣椒 Hot Pepper
              雞蛋 Egg
              韭菜水餃 Chive Dumpling (50/bag)
              白菜水餃 cabbage Dumpling (50/bag)
              素水餃 Veg. Dumpling (50/bag)
              小籠包 Meat Ball (50/bag)
              小籠包韭菜 Chive Ball (50/bag)
              小籠包白菜 Cabbage Ball (50/bag)
              韭菜餡餅 Chive Cake (25/bag)
              韭菜盒子 Chive Box (10/bag)
              白菜餡餅 Cabbage Bake (25/bag)

              Mr Taster

            2. First tip: Avoid Hawai'i Supermarket.

              Second tip: The 168 Market on Las Tunas has a smallish (for SGV) but fresh produce section.

              Mr Taster

              1. Really doesn't matter which market you go to.

                Just go on Thursdays.

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                  1. re: DWB

                    That's when the shipments come in (usually).

                    1. re: ipsedixit

                      Good to know, Thank you very much. Shopping for produce at Super King market has Me spoiled because of great quality at ridiculous prices.

                      In the SGV, 99 Ranch @ Valley and Del Mar had the best looking produce, but I found Shun Fat on Rosemead Bl. in S. El Monte had more SE Asian vegetables and herbs, which probably satisfies the OP's inquiry best.