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Jun 7, 2013 12:04 PM

Sapori Ristorante Italiano in Freehold

Has anybody been here?

Address is 32 West Main St in the Boro.

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    1. I love that space (if I'm thinking of the right place). Every time I've passed by, the restaurant has been empty.

      1. wondering about this one too... any thoughts?

        1. Actually there last night...we couldn't get into other places due to HS graduation night. At 7Pm there was one other table, and when we left around 8:30 there were three total tables dining in this huge space.

          They started us out with really good bread, (which waiter said came from Brooklyn), and a non descript small plate of cheese, salami and olives. The cheese and salami were forgettable, but the olives were fine.

          Fried calamari app produced huge rings of uniform calamari, (prepackaged, frozen), the were ok, but offered with two sauces, both requested extra spicy, both came out not spicy.

          Mains were a seafood pasta that was basically tasteless, and the pasta was over cooked and far from al dente, a salmon w risotto dish that was ok, and a chicken pasta dish that after adding red pepper had some flavor.

          The waiter was really, really accommodating and he tried his best. Our comment when we were finished eating was, in a town of Italian restaurants, (and if you know Freehold you know how many there actually are on every block), why would someone invest in what has to be a very expensive space and put out nothing special at all.

          As I said, the waiter tried really hard as did the bus boy, but the kitchen just did nothing to warrant us to come back.